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Je suis une femme de 16 ans, et je viens de Frankfurt, Allemagne 5.

Je parle Anglais, Allemand, un peu de Français et un tout petit peu de Italien.

J'ai visité 14 lieux dans 9 pays.

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  • Quelque chose à dire.

    Hey guys! I´m Zoe, 15 years old and from Germany. I also speak English and French.
    I´m interested in almost everything so here are a few exapmles: Feminism, reading (e.g. Harry Potter, A song of ice and fire) and writing, politics, other cultures and religions...
    I also like writing letters, so I´m looking for a penpal. I´m happy about every message so don´t be shy and text me ;)

  • Je suis capable de...

    I´m really passionate about dancing. I´m doing standard and latin dances, salsa and viennesse waltz are my faves. I´m not (yet) a professional dancer.

    I really love writing. I´m writing fantasy books but I don´t think I´m going to publish them, it´s just for myself.

    I think one of my talents is learning languages. I don´t have problems doing that, so if I could I would propably be learning every language in this world...

    I´m doing martial arts, too, but in a traditional way. My grandfather had done many recherches when he was younger and then he opened a school for martial arts. My family still runs it, so I know some things about traditional japanese martial arts.

    I also love poetry slam but I´m more of a listener in this genre. I try writing my own texts but i´m just a little beginner.

    I´m drawing and painting, but I´m not a pro. Just doing this for fun and because I love expressing my feelings on the paper :)