• 3m
  • Quelque chose à dire.

    I love Billie Eilish, BTS,Little Mix and Camilla Cabeillo
    Aaand I lve the MCU and I am so glad that Spidey will stay
    I would love to have many friends around the world and hope to find some soulmates as best friends. I would love to get to know with any culture. My friends describe me as a cheerful personality. My little brother nickname for me was Pandaeye ^_^
    I hope that you everyone had a nice day or will have a day no matter where you are now

  • J'aime toujours parler de...

    I like to talk about things like hobbies, music, everyday life, feelings and relationships. I also like to talk about serious things like our environment, problems politics and philosophy. So as long as I still can understand you, you everything can talk to me about everything. I am a very good listener ^_^

  • Ce qui m'intéresse dans les autres cultures

    I love other cultures because they are so different and unique. I also love their specialties. Historically, I find their myths and legends the most exciting such those of the Shinto religion or the Vikings. I also love to listen to foreign languages ​​because they fascinate me so much. I would like to learn a few sentences in the other culture and their traditions

  • Vivre à l'étranger pendant un an

    I would love to go to France, USA, Japan or South Korea. First, because I love and admire the french culture and language. It sounds sooo beautiful. USA because I always wanted to see the big cities there ans this is reallsy a meltpot of amazing cultures. Japan and South Korea because the mixture of tradition and modernity is unbelievable and the local people of both cultures are so unique. And South Korea too because I love kpop * ^ _ ^ *
    By the way I am an Army

  • Livres/auteurs/films favoris

    My favorite books / films are Maze Runner, The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus ... But I also love love stories, biographies of strong women and human rights activists like Malala Yousafzai and Ghandi, books about hilosophical or psychological questions and Fear Street. But most of all I like the genre thriller that has a little romance

    I love the MCU

  • Villes et pays visités

    Ich war schon in vielen Städten aber Paris, Vendig, London und Rom sind meine Favoriten. Die Städte haben was magisches für mich sei es die Kultur, Achitektur, die Menschen oder einfach deren Essen

  • Mes plus grandes fiertés

    I am now in the first year of the Gymnasium. I'm so excited

    Also, one of my greatest accomplishments in Rome is doing a little small talk (there were no real phrases but she understood me - ^ _ ^ -)
    In painting it was the picture of Kattness Everdeen

  • Je suis capable de...

    Ich liebe es zu zeichnen und viele meinen ich bin sehr gut darin. ich bin zudem sehr gut in Mathe und kann Klavier, Querflöte und noch wenig Schlagzeuf und Blockflöte spielen. Ich tanze auch sehr gerne und Musik ist mein Leben

  • J'ai récemment appris...

    I try (emphasis trying) to learn Japanese and Korean, unfortunately does not work so good ^ ^°

  • Dans 10 ans

    In 10 Jahren will ich Aerztin sein und vielen Menschen helfen. Zudem will ich eine Weltreise oder eine Asiareise machen.

  • Actuellement, je suis emballé par...

    Greta Thunberg is just amazing and she has my full respect, she does so much for us and our environment. I am also excited about BTS because they distribute so much love. Wait not excited, I appreciate, respect and love them