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Je suis une femme de 22 ans, et je viens de Tampere, Finlande 60.

Je parle Anglais, Finnois, un peu de Français, Suédois et un tout petit peu de Coréen.

J'ai visité 19 lieux dans 8 pays.

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    A friend of mine once described me as "entertainingly unusual" - I guess that's a good way to summarize me. In case you wanna know more:


    Hiya! | 안녕하세요! :)
    I'm Tuulia, from the snowy wonderland of Finland!
    I'm an optimist with an evil sense of humour, who's absolutely passionate about music, photography and long conversations!

    Music, particularly singing, is my life and inspiration ♡ I enjoy K-pop (e.g. Super Junior, SNSD, BTS...) and alternative rock (e.g. Linkin Park) the best, but I'm always delighted to hear something different ^.^

    As for photography, I'm a total rookie, but I'm in the middle of studying this field in school. I like capturing landscapes, animals and astronomy related things.
    As an example, you can check my photo of the Aurora above ^^ On the other hand, photographing people makes me totally awkward :D

    In case you've missed it from my overly long profile info, I'm the master of long messages, and that'll surely be visible in conversations with me! :D
    I find topics ranging from the meaning of life (though we all know it's 42)
    all the way to Pokémon equally interesting!
    Yup, I'm also a kid at heart hahah :D

    I'm a native Finnish speaker and quite fluent in English, so if you wish,
    I'd be glad to help you with either! As for me, any help with French or Korean is highly appreciated! :D Lastly, I'm also looking for penfriends, since writing letters has been a dear hobby to me ever since I was a child ^-^
    If you'd like to talk, please drop me a few lines before sending
    a friend request, thanks! Have a nice day! :)

    (Congrats for making it this far btw :P)