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  • Quelque chose à dire.

    Hello! My name's Trase and I'm a university student at UW-Madison in Wisconsin, United States. I'm on here to make new friends and learn about cultures and histories of other countries and regions of the world. I speak a little bit of Italian and French, both classes I've taken in college and highschool. Plus I think it'd be neat to learn another Germanic language like German or Swedish. I can talk for hours about pretty much anything, so please don't be afraid to say hello!

  • Villes et pays visités

    I am from Wisconsin in the Midwestern United States. I have never travelled internationally. I have barely had the opportunity to leave the state!

  • Ce qui m'intéresse dans les autres cultures

    I have Germanic and Italian heritage, and as such I am very interested in the culture, history, and languages of both. I have even done a great deal of studying in university about both countries

  • Je suis un(e) expert(e) à...

    A lot of people would say they are a history "buff," but I would say my commitment to the field is much more. I love everything about History, especially the way the world is so connected historically. For example, how citizens of India were rebelling against the English Government in 1856 while the American political environment was being torn at the seams by issues of race and nationalistic isolation. It's just so interesting how such different yet so important things could be happening in the world at the same time.

  • Un défi personnel

    For 3ish years in highschool and the start of college I worked in a small local restaurant as a chef. I wouldn't particularly call the work hard, but instead just somewhat challenging and very rewarding.

  • Livres/auteurs/films favoris

    I don't read much but I'm trying to more. A few of my biggest influences are the writings of John Green, Robert Frost, John Darnielle, and others. I have a huge fanaticism with writing poetry, and have even taken a few classes on the subject, in efforts to maybe write my own music that I can be proud of someday. Inspiring bands include The Mountain Goats, Waxahatchee, Fleet Foxes, Modest Mouse, and Leonard Cohen, just to name a few. But other than folk I also greatly enjoy chillout-trans music like that of Washed Out and Japanese Breakfast.