Just some dutch guy looking for pen pals

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Je suis un homme de 20 ans, et je viens de close to Eindhoven, Pays-Bas 147.

Je parle Anglais, Néerlandais et un tout petit peu de Français, Allemand.

J'ai visité 15 lieux dans 12 pays.

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  • Une astuce ou un conseil

    Sometimes when you know you want to do something, but have no idea how to, you should just ask the stupid questions. If you ask questions that an amateur should even know, you will look stupid, it's as simple as that. But that's not something that should be avoided, it should be embraced! If you ask these stupid questions to those that know more about it, they can either explain it or they won't even understand what you're asking them. If they don't understand the question, that's probably their lack of understanding: what you're asking of them is so simple to them that they don't even think about it anymore. And if they do answer, even if it makes you look dumb, you're not as dumb as you were before.

    basically, when you get into a situation where your knowledge fails you, accept that you're basically an idiot and grow, instead of avoiding that label and staying that way.

    Also, if you're looking for a motivational quote, here's an original one:
    If you deserve anything at all, you deserve yourself, so give yourself your all.

  • J'aimerai que les gens connaissent davantage...

    The fact that the EU is about to sign off all rights of internet freedom to the EU government, going so far as to put a tax on links (as in, you won't be allowed to source things without paying for even sourcing it). no i'm not making this up. https://saveyourinternet.eu/

    I know how stupid these attention grabbers are, and i'm sorry for that.