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Je suis un homme de 24 ans, et je viens de Merelbeke, Belgique 23.

Je parle Anglais, Français, un peu de Italien et un tout petit peu de Néerlandais.

J'ai visité 17 lieux dans 4 pays.

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    Hi everyone ! Currently student in Preparatory Year of Dutch at the University Language Centre (Ghent), and future student in Master's Degree in Communication Science, I would like to improve my English and of course learn Dutch language. My attraction to Flanders (its story, its traditions) is so strong that I even considered living there.I speak French and can help you to improve this language ! Feel free to contact me !Belgium and Netherlands in my heart.Greetings.

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    If I could live at least one year in a country, the choice would be difficult for me : Belgium (in Flanders), Netherlands, Germany (espacially Bavaria), Austria and Scandinavian countries. Germanophile, I would love to discover the culture of these countries.