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Je suis une femme de 56 ans, et je viens de Marquette, États-Unis 228.

Je parle Anglais

J'ai visité 4 lieux dans 4 pays.

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    Ireland, and I would go back forever if I could
    Scotland - possibly the most beautiful country on earth
    England - just the very north but loved it
    Ontario, Canada - all you could want in a place, few people and lots of fish

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    I have a deep cultural connection with Ireland and have traced my genealogy to Waterford and Mayo. I'm fascinated by the prehistory of the British Isles and love visiting stone circles, megaliths, monoliths, cairns, and ruins. I know little about Wales but am interested to learn, and to learn about the cultural differences that exist to this day in Cornwall, the Orkneys, and other once-isolated areas. I'm also interested in the Scots-Irish influence in the Appalachian region of America and in the old west