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  • Quelque chose à dire.

    Hi guys! My name is Thars and I am 21 years old. Actually I started this to get more in contact with foreign people. I am studying International Lifestyle Studies English-taught Programme. And since the study's kick-off I became more interested in other countries. Especially people from Asia and Africa. But other European or American countries as well. The world allows us to make it easy as possible to get in contact with different (foreign) personalities. And that gives us more opportunities to know what is going on in the world nowadays.

  • Un défi personnel

    I've already done so many hard and difficult things in my life. But actually, that makes me curious what I can do more. So I decided to start with a goal list of things that I really want to achieve in my life. And probably you have them too. On this forum I want to share a few of mine to inspire you to do the same:
    - I really want to be sure that my online and offline behaviour are equal to eachother.
    - I want to become a millionaire
    - I want to become more structured in my daily activities.
    - I want to learn more about 'Time Management'
    - I want to improve my level of tennis and trying to go back which level it used to be.

  • J'ai récemment appris...

    This is actually a quite funny question. At the moment I am studying for a knowledge test about 3 topics: Appearance(in general), Marketing and Realising (of an event).
    Technically we are not that aware of our appearance and behaviour. However, there is a trend going on in the world what 'almost requier" us to be aware of this and trying to be unique in many many ways. Identity is becoming more and more important.

  • Je trouve inquiétant...

    Most of the youngsters say they don’t have enough money for certain things. For example clothes, activities and holidays etc. And that annoys me.
    At the moment I am really concerned about my generation. We always have the same excuse for example “I don’t have money” but then suddenly they are buying a lot of clothes online. But they are not looking into the future and think about their new potential self in society. And I am becoming crazy about this subject. Why is Netflix even more popular than focussing on your personal development? And why is going to school such an issue for student instead of going out and have a hangover the day after? According to the start of my opinion why experienced students finding a job for extra money badly instead of finding a job to get extra money to spend more on experiences or products that you want to buy?

  • Actuellement, je suis emballé par...

    This is the most easy question so far. I am really into Tennis. I started when I was 4 years old. I was playing with my parents on the street. It went so well, that my parents decided to put me on practice. That's my start of a loooong tennis carreer with ups and downs. But a lot of ups. My idol was and still is Roger Federer. He plays amazing and just won his 20st Grand Slam Title. He is the 3rd person ever who won 20 Grand Slams. And still so gentle and professional in a way that everybody is inspired by his performens and behaviour.

  • Villes et pays visités

    I have travelled a lot:
    - France
    - Portugal
    - Turkey
    - Germany
    - Belgium
    - Croatia
    - Spain
    - United Kingdom
    - Switserland
    - Italy
    - Austria
    - Monaco
    - Luxemburg
    - Morocco

    And soon, I will go to (for this year):
    - Vietnam (again)
    - China (maybe)
    - Ukrain (maybe)
    - United States (maybe)

  • Je suis capable de...

    I have several skills what describes me as a person or which I am really proud of. However, it isn't me to express my skills in public. But for once I will show them:
    - Tennis (especially my backhand)
    - Analysing
    - Presenting
    - Convincing
    - Selling
    - Adobe in general
    - Creating websites
    - Creating awareness about any subject
    - Leader
    - etc.