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Je suis un homme de 21 ans, et je viens de Tilburg, Pays-Bas 147.

Je parle Anglais, Néerlandais, un peu de Français et un tout petit peu de Espagnol.

J'ai visité 43 lieux dans 17 pays.

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    Hi guys! My name is Thars and I am 21 years old. Actually I started this to get more in contact with foreign people. I am studying International Lifestyle Studies English-taught Programme. And since the study's kick-off I became more interested in other countries. Especially people from Asia and Africa. But other European or American countries as well. The world allows us to make it easy as possible to get in contact with different (foreign) personalities. And that gives us more opportunities to know what is going on in the world nowadays.

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    I've already done so many hard and difficult things in my life. But actually, that makes me curious what I can do more. So I decided to start with a goal list of things that I really want to achieve in my life. And probably you have them too. On this forum I want to share a few of mine to inspire you to do the same:
    - I really want to be sure that my online and offline behaviour are equal to eachother.
    - I want to become a millionaire
    - I want to become more structured in my daily activities.
    - I want to learn more about 'Time Management'
    - I want to improve my level of tennis and trying to go back which level it used to be.