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Je suis une femme de 20 ans, et je viens de Finlande 60.

Je parle Finnois et un peu de Anglais, Suédois

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    Hello and welcome to my profile!!

    If you leave from my profile with guestions in your head, feel free to ask!

    My name is Jenni and I'm a 19-year-old girl living in Finland.

    The city I live at is called Kauniainen. It's not a big city, still it's
    very nice place to live I think. Kauniainen is about 15KM away from the
    capital city of Finland, Helsinki.

    I love music, going to concerts, movies and traveling. Always when I
    have time and enough money I'll be traveling and going to concerts.
    Almsot every time when any band or a singer I like comes to Finland,
    I'll be there!!

    Places I've been at:

    Denmark (Gobenhagen)

    Germany (Hamburg, Leipzig, Frankfurt)

    The Netherlands ( Amsterdam, Zwolle)

    Belgium (Brussels, Bruges)

    Sweden (Stockholm)

    Estonia (Tallinn)


    What I do for living? I'm a practical nurse, I graduaded in 2015 and
    studied with apprenticeship, and I work with disabled people. I love my
    job ❤️ I think a job of an practical nurse gives so much.

    I've planned to study to be a paramedic and next year I'll try to get in
    a university for applied sciences to study to be one!! :) I've always
    wanted to be an paramedic.

    I love collecting postcards!! I have a bit over 200 of them from many countries already.