• 10m
  • Quelque chose à dire.

    I’m 18 years old and attend school of further education in agriculture, bio and environmental technology.
    I love to be in the nature and just meditate.
    My dog is the most important thing in my life!
    I would appreciate all people that want to write with me because I’d like to learn more about other cultures and I want to improve my English and Spanish vocabulary.

  • Je suis un(e) expert(e) à...

    I’m an expert in baking.
    There’s noch week were I don’t bake a cake!
    I really love baking, especially if I can try to do new creations!
    If you have any questions to any kind of cake, please ask me, I’m happy to help

  • J'aime toujours parler de...

    I really enjoy to talk about animals, the nature, baking and cooking

  • Quelque chose d'inhabituel sur moi

    I really would like to have a cow.
    My biggest dream is to have a Galloway

  • Vivre à l'étranger pendant un an

    After my final exams in 2020 I will be in Spain as an Aupair for one year

  • Livres/auteurs/films favoris

    I really enjoy reading novels with great love stories.
    The thing is I don’t watch any movies so it’s the best not to talk about movies with me.

  • Un défi personnel

    I had to bake a cake which should look like a car, I had never done something like that before.

  • Dans 10 ans

    In ten years I’d like to have my own café.
    It should be at the countryside next to a small lake.
    Besides I’d like to have a big garden with lots of fruit trees and vegetable plants.
    Apart from that it would be wonderful to have lots of animals like a little farm.

  • Une astuce ou un conseil

    Be always yourself.
    It doesn’t matter what the others say.
    You’re perfect like you are.