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  • Quelque chose à dire.

    Hey there! I´m Susanne.- English and French speaking friends- Story writers or anyone doing art always welcome!
    Don't send me friend requests without messaging me! I will DELETE and NOT ANSWER your request if you do so!
    Because, if you meet someone on the way, you also don't budge that person to be your friend before saying a phrase to him/her.
    Thanks for writing! And for never letting creative ideas and mailing down!

    I like to send creative letters by mail once in a while.
    If you would like so, too, just let me know!

    "The biggest influence has the right word at the right time"❇ Mark Twain❇

  • Villes et pays visités

    A lot of cities, German as well as European. "The world is a village", this phrase is so true sometimes!

    I believe in unexpected connections.

    Be it through traveling or everyday life.

  • Livres/auteurs/films favoris

    Yeah my favorite authors change quite some time...
    I look what books are new on the market and decide to buy the book or leave it, when I read the back cover, the author's story (I've let my nickname be inspired by that!).
    And I like to write stories on my own,
    if you are interested in co-writing stories with me,
    pleeeeease message me!
    We can always have a try to co-write, as a hobby.

  • J'aime toujours parler de...


  • Je suis un(e) expert(e) à...

    I know a lot about cooking and baking. Ich koche und backe gerne.
    Feel free to exchange recipes with me.
    I feel like countries and culture can be experienced in meals too.

  • Vivre à l'étranger pendant un an

    Since I had my highest pensum on walking/keeping up with the pace/getting along well with English PLUS seeing impressive sights in Prague. Praha, Czech Republic, this year, I´d be open to try to spend a year there at this town at the Moldova River. It is the indirect family roots country of a branch of my family tree.

    Other dreams of where to live for a year abroad:
    I´d like to live in Florida, South East of the USA,
    or in Luxemburg/Luxembourg, Center of Europe.


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I don't know what i'm going to visit in New York, I have to make a list what I want to see

Michiel1991 147 Michiel1991

i'm fine how are you?

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Can you give me your e-mail?)