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16 ans, de
Mes plus grandes fiertés

I've successfully composed a couple of piano pieces I've read more books than i can remember I ran over 100 miles over the summer so i could get a T-shirt from my Cross Country coach I made it to state in a public speaking contest and got 6th

17 ans, de
Je suis capable de...

->->I CAN'T speak FRENCH <-<- Well... i dont really know what to write about that... maybe im ehm special in.... hmmm i am a triplet.... and i can read their minds😎😂 okay nope not that special

16 ans, de Hanau
J'aime toujours parler de...

Hi, I'm Serena, 16 years old and from Hessen, Germany. I like to talk about everything to be honest, but in particular about books, bands like the arctic monkeys, Marvel, poetry recommendations or generally how people feel. I'm always open for conversations and I'm a good listener. And I have nothing against some serious talk.

16 ans, de Seattle
Quelque chose à dire.

I love to meet people all over the globe and love learning new things everyday. Feel free to write me and I will respond. Don't be shy :) My hobbies- Photography,Youtube, Social media, and hanging with friends. Sports- I play premier fútbol, I love MMA, Boxing and Hockey Instagram- a.hoffman.14 Snapchat- a_hoffman14 Youtube...

33 ans, de Tehran
Quelque chose à dire.

i am a honest,gentle and hobble man.I also used to play volleyball and swimming, shopping and watching TV , etcI like tripe and to hear others talk.I would love to make friends with people around the world

35 ans, de Oude-Tonge
Quelque chose à dire.

I like to learn new people, diffirent cultures and like to travel. Like to have a penpal to write with like the old way... with pen and paper :) But a chat/text also ^^ Don't be hesitate and text me :)

24 ans, de
Quelque chose à dire.

Hi, I'm George! I'm mostly interested in writing snail mail (paper mail). I'd like to write in English, German and Spanish. At the moment I'm learning Russian. In the future I'd like to learn a Scandinavian language, some Polish and Japanese. I would like to know people from around the world. In the past years I've met some...

46 ans, de Warsaw
Villes et pays visités

Uwielbiam wyjazdy i podróże. Byłam w Egipcie, Grecji, Włoszech, Hiszpanii, Francji, Austrii, Niemczech, Holandii, Danii, Belgii, Luksemburgu, Szwajcarii, Węgrzech, USA, na Litwie i Białorusi.

15 ans, de Мытищи
J'aime toujours parler de...

I like to talk about: - movies; - music; - sports (especially football); - etc...

25 ans, de Khabarovsk
Quelque chose à dire.

Hi everyone! I'm Natalia, you can call me Nat:) I'm 25 years old I'm here for making friends from different countries, also I want to improve my English and German:)

18 ans, de Caloocan
Je suis un(e) expert(e) à...

Playing video games! Haha prolly decoding musics and lyrics ^,^ making poems

22 ans, de
Quelque chose à dire.

Hi! I'm Maria (but everybody calls me Masha :3). I'm here... I guess because I find it interesting to meet people with different views and tastes. And to improve my English. I love music, different genres, rock mostly; reading fantasy, horrors, manga and fairytales :) And I like learning languages. I would be glad to communicate with a...