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18 ans, de Ostrowiec 150
Quelque chose à dire.

Hello! My name is Natalia and I am 18 years old. I come from a small village in Poland, my beloved homeland. I am a talkative and cheerful girl who loves reading books, especially poetry and Gothic novels, and is an amateur writer herself. I am also fond of travelling, rock, classical and folk music, theatre, dancing, hair care,...

15 ans, de Frankfurt 5
Quelque chose à dire.

Hey guys! I´m Zoe, 15 years old and from Germany. I also speak English and French. I´m interested in almost everything so here are a few exapmles: Feminism, reading (e.g. Harry Potter, A song of ice and fire) and writing, politics, other cultures and religions... I also like writing letters, so I´m looking for a penpal. I´m happy...

14 ans, de Mihla 5
Quelque chose à dire.

Hello, I'm a 14 year old girl from Germany. I really like animals and to learn about other countries. I'm currently learning french, italian and russian. I know a bit japanese because of Anime. My hobbies are reading,listening to music and if I feel like it drawing. I got really lonely here so I thought why not get another friend....

14 ans, de 23
Quelque chose à dire.

Hey there, my name is Maité and I'm 14. I live in Belgium. I'm a very quiet person, but at my friends, I am very open. I do like to sport and love to read. I would love to see more of the world. I also love to learn new things and find out. I hope we can become good friends.

18 ans, de 60
Quelque chose à dire.

18 years old and an urge to travel. Having no money restricts my options quite a lot. Nevertheless... Here I am. I own a twin and we're telepathically connected.

21 ans, de 61
Mon opinion sur la nature humaine

Well Human nature is both bright and dark. The darkest side may be quite a curious one, but the bright side sure brings hope and makes people want to live. I'm a henchman of the dark one, but I sure enjoy the bright too ! Well no one is all dark or all white so don't pretend to be pure or totally a freak !

19 ans, de The Hague 147
Quelque chose à dire.

Hai, My name is Rowan. I would like to some new penpals. This because I like to send and receive letters. It doesn't matter from which you are, it is only nessasary that you write the letter in Englisch or Dutch. I hope to write to you soon! 

14 ans, de 147
J'aime toujours parler de...

I love to talk about Shadowhunters. It's a Netflix serie, a movie and a book serie. I love it, and I can talk about it for hours! Of course I can talk about other things. So if you have problems, or want to talk about stuff! DONT WE AFRAID TO SEND ME A MESSAGE. I'D LOVE TO HELP YOU!

15 ans, de Liège 23
Quelque chose à dire.

Hi! I'm Olivia, I'm 15 and I'm from Belgium. I want to make friend all around the world! I really want to discover new culture and languages😁 French is my native language and I learn Dutch and English at school Look forward to talking with you❤

21 ans, de 60
Quelque chose à dire.

Hi everybody. My name is Sannu. I'm 21 year old girl. I love music , french, japanese & mexican food, dancing, watching tv , dogs & cats and swimming. I won't bite. I'm super open to contact. You can find me from Skype, Instagram and Whatsapp. Don't hesitate.