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Apogeum626 (Il y a 366 jours)
Have you got Facebook Kik or QQ?
alexandraa28 (Il y a 366 jours)
Pop, rock, rap wink2 And u?
alexandraa28 (Il y a 366 jours)
Hello,fine and u?
Apogeum626 (Il y a 412 jours)
I am in high school
How about You?
Apogeum626 (Il y a 417 jours)
No problem
I like music too, my favoutite band is Red Hot Chili Peppers
I also like reading books, playing electric guitar, playong chess, chemistry
What is your favourite band?
Apogeum626 (Il y a 440 jours)
I'm in my house chillin'
What are your hobbies?
Apogeum626 (Il y a 443 jours)
I'm good, you? 001_smile
Apogeum626 (Il y a 462 jours)
How are you?
tanuki01 (Il y a 491 jours)
tanuki01 (Il y a 491 jours)
How do you say thank you very much in Turkish
tanuki01 (Il y a 491 jours)
Thank you very much, youd be very kind.
tanuki01 (Il y a 493 jours)
Good evening, I'm glad we can be penpals. May I ask you, please, some words in Turkish?
ilshatovna (Il y a 493 jours)
hello Huseyin. You're nice boy:)
Pihla (Il y a 714 jours)
Ok try, would be easier then
Pihla (Il y a 717 jours)
Lol so you cant use whatsapp anymore? U sure thats impossible on your phone? Well that sucks then.. shitty Nokia

And yea im fine and not escaping you at all lol . Just sent u a whatsapp message cuz thought youre there.

And ahahah your last smiley..fck ya xdd
Pihla (Il y a 719 jours)
Why dont you react to me on whatsapp biggrin
Jessica-mrzd (Il y a 867 jours)
you want what? 001_tongue
Silviu101 (Il y a 871 jours)
My favourite band of all the time is Black Veil Brides, do you know them?
Nanamia (Il y a 875 jours)
What song i recommand ? Hum...In the same kind of music but quite more "violent", i'd say Capture the crown-Rebearth.
Crime movies, you mean thriller, no ? I like it a lot too, enven if i prefer action movies.
Silviu101 (Il y a 878 jours)
I like alternative rock, alternative metal, emo/ screamo music but I like also r&b ^^ and you?
Jessica-mrzd (Il y a 879 jours)
STUPID** wink2
Jessica-mrzd (Il y a 879 jours)
why is there a smiley is I write stupid ..?
Jessica-mrzd (Il y a 879 jours)
oh cool 001_smile dutch is a stupid language.. don't understand anything from it and I'm dutch.. but I think it's easy if you really want to learn it 001_tongue
Dariana (Il y a 881 jours)
Lol, i can cook but i don't like it biggrin I like "The Neighbourhood", "Radiohead", "Limp Bizkit", "Korn" and other.. and you?)
Silviu101 (Il y a 881 jours)
I like listening to music, to cosplay, animes and mangas ^^ and reading
Jessica-mrzd (Il y a 881 jours)
I love to travel 001_smile you?
Dariana (Il y a 882 jours)
Wow! I like pasta too) I can cook a lot of dishes. Soups, desserts, salads and other ahah. I love cooking. And in the furute i wanna open own restarant. and you?
Jessica-mrzd (Il y a 885 jours)
No blushing I'm bad in concentrating on the words haha. You?
Silviu101 (Il y a 885 jours)
I love horror movies ahaha and you?
Silviu101 (Il y a 885 jours)
I'm fine thanks ^^ and you?
Jessica-mrzd (Il y a 885 jours)
nice! I like to travel yes 001_smile I can never wait for holidays haha.
Jessica-mrzd (Il y a 885 jours)
yea a school thing, was a trailer in french. and I'm working on a movie right now.
what do you like most about journalism? 001_tongue
Dariana (Il y a 885 jours)
Oh, i don't know! maybe..pelmeni - russian dish biggrin and what about you?
Nanamia (Il y a 887 jours)
I listened to that song, and yes it is great! But from Apocalyptica I prefer shadowmaker ^^ .
I love all kinds of movie, except horror movies most of the time. And you ?
Dariana (Il y a 888 jours)
Hi) I'm fine, and you?)
Jessica-mrzd (Il y a 889 jours)
I like a lot of movies , not a paticular genre :p I'm making movies myself too 001_smile want to go to a movieschool after high school haha.and you? what kind of movies do you like?
Nanamia (Il y a 890 jours)
I like quite all kinds of music, especially japan music and rock i'd say. I saw that you like rock and metal, what's your favorite song?
Jessica-mrzd (Il y a 891 jours)
All kinds , but metal not so much.. I love other song each day haha. What about you?
Jessica-mrzd (Il y a 891 jours)
aw why?
Jessica-mrzd (Il y a 891 jours)
Hi, I'm good, how about you? 001_smile
Nanamia (Il y a 892 jours)
hello, i'm fine~ And you, what's up ?
Apogeum626 (Il y a 901 jours)
Hi how are You? I'm Mariusz from Poland. I have got 15 years old. Can You write more about Yourself?
I look foward to hearing from You 001_smile
pati25239 (Il y a 925 jours)
Hi, how are you ? 001_smile Nice to meet you 001_smile
Taisha (Il y a 1090 jours)
I Play Tennis and Cheerleading. And you?
Taisha (Il y a 1095 jours)
I'm too
Taisha (Il y a 1098 jours)
Hey how are you?
Lucy23 (Il y a 1110 jours)
Hey 001_smile
I'm fine,and you?
-banana- (Il y a 1153 jours)
Hi, nice to meet you, would be nice talk to you by emails or something else ? :-)
Floriane76 (Il y a 1163 jours)
Yes, I looked Vampire Diaries and now, I see Walking Dead ! And you, what is your favorite serie ?
Floriane76 (Il y a 1165 jours)
I don't know, because I listen lot of musics and lot of variety of music. And you ?
Floriane76 (Il y a 1169 jours)
I think look forrest Gump maybe later.
Floriane76 (Il y a 1169 jours)
It's a beautiful movie.
Floriane76 (Il y a 1169 jours)
Oh.. My favorite movie is "The Green Mile". And you ?
xJulia_NL (Il y a 1169 jours)
I'm Julia, I live in the Netherlands
I would like to get to know you better and learn more about Turkey.
Are you also interested?
Floriane76 (Il y a 1170 jours)
I prefer horror movies, but I watch movies of love, movies with suspens, and movies fantasy. You ?
Art_115335 (Il y a 1170 jours)
ÐÑивеÑ! Я из РоÑÑии! Ðне 14! ÐÑ Ð¼Ð¾Ð¶ÐµÐ¼ пеÑепиÑÑваÑÑÑÑ, но Ñ Ð¾ÑÐµÐ½Ñ Ð¿Ð»Ð¾Ñо Ð·Ð½Ð°Ñ Ð´ÑÑгие ÑзÑки, поÑÑÐ¾Ð¼Ñ Ð»Ð¸Ð±Ð¾ ÐÑгл-пеÑеводÑик, либо на ÑÑÑÑком. ÐÑли заÑоÑеÑÑ - пиÑи!)
Floriane76 (Il y a 1172 jours)
Yes of course ! I watch movies everytime ! biggrin
Floriane76 (Il y a 1172 jours)
I like hanging out with my friends, listening to musics and dancing ! (:
And you ?
Floriane76 (Il y a 1173 jours)
Hey ! I'm fine and you ? (:
10misia (Il y a 1184 jours)
hi Hüseyin. I'm Michalina. How are you? 001_smile
Ssss123 (Il y a 1193 jours)
I do black magic
Ssss123 (Il y a 1194 jours)
What do you like to be engaged in your spare time?
Ssss123 (Il y a 1196 jours)
Hussein??? beautiful name
Ssss123 (Il y a 1198 jours)
My name Alastor and I want to be your friend
Ssss123 (Il y a 1240 jours)
GOOD Morning! How are you feeling?


Pseudo : h1atik
Prénom : Huseyin
Sexe : Homme
Age : 19

Je suis intéressé(e) par des membres agés de 15 à 21 ans.


Ville : Eskisehir
Région/Etat : -
Pays : Turquie


Google Maps

Langues parlées

  • Turc

Langues apprises

  • Anglais
  • Allemand


J'utilise les réseaux de communication suivants :
  • Twitter
M'envoyer un e-mail


  • Sport (Football)
  • Musique (Rock - Métal)
  • Cinéma - Films
  • Voyages


Hey! My names Hüseyin Oğuzhan and I'm 17 years old.
I'm curious to different cultures. I love to make new friend and i don't bite you.
P.s. I'm not soldier. I like soldier clothes. :D
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