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Pseudo : megan.
Prénom : Megan
Sexe : Femme
Age : 26

Je suis intéressé(e) par des membres agés de 12 à 20 ans.


Ville : -
Région/Etat : Florida
Pays : Etats-Unis


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  • Anglais

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  • MySpace
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  • Informatique - Internet
  • Vie associative
  • Sport (Volleyball)
  • Cinéma - Films
  • Amis - Sorties
  • Cuisine


i'm not your average teenager. i'm way ahead of that. no matter how many people come in & out of my life, i will always be the same. i like eating ice cream in the winter, i have soup during the summer. i dance in the rain. i have my blonde moments with lipstick & heels. and i have my gangster moments with gum rappers & bandanas. i like too start RIOTS. i like too read at skate parks & i like too play video games in a library. i think old people & wrinkly dogs are cute. i pretend im on a rollercoaster when there's a earthquake. i bump into walls & chairs and say "sorry, i didn't see you there." hahaa, talk to me sometime? :] but call me whatever :). I'm an outgoing person. I'd say im pretty easy to talk too, so dont be shy:). im athletically challenged, but i love photography,music, and art. I'm pretty good at handling the truth, so tell me what you need to tell me. i like reading,ive been doing it alot lately. im kinda monophobish, as for anyone who doesnt know what that means, it means that i have a fear of being alone. i love giving advice too people, because that shows me that i can trust them to give me advice too. dont like me? dont care; i have soo many amazing people in my life, and i dont need you. I really dont have time for drama, so if your on here to start some, i need you to click that little home button, and leave me alone,kay thanks.Ive been modeling since my diaper ages,:]. i really dont think you need a life story, figure me out yourself :).
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