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ale.dc (Il y a 188 jours)
So good site I really like it 001_smile
Humility (Il y a 523 jours)
hi,please tell me the story of your success
Papi253 (Il y a 605 jours)
but why?? sad
tafa (Il y a 726 jours)
hello how are u
Rahja (Il y a 779 jours)
I have a problem with sending mails here!
So I couldn't even send a help mail to the support here!
Even if I click on the OK Button to send a mail, I saw a HTTP Error Notification and then come to the yahoo search with search results.. nothing else sad
What can I do? Please send me a message soon! Thanks..
jazzmann (Il y a 792 jours)
Hi , Interesting website , if u r interested i wold like to help upgrade the website hammer
-_Yann_- (Il y a 967 jours)
Thank for this website!
Wiktor.Sz.77727 (Il y a 1059 jours)
Hi I'm Wiktor. Nice to meet you? What do you like to do?

Reply biggrin
jojobunny (Il y a 1073 jours)
no problem 001_smile
jojobunny (Il y a 1085 jours)
Hello Vedlen,
nice to be an member of this webside.
You know that there is an spelling mistake in the german version?
search is in german suche...
dunno why there is surche...
Just that you know XD
AmberEliana (Il y a 1192 jours)
Thank you for creating this website! I've met some nice people 001_smile
Thanks again for creating a great site.
Cainzer (Il y a 1219 jours)
Wow alors le site a été conçu par un français !!

Mais c'est super !
coollibin (Il y a 1301 jours)
Dear Administrator,
I cannot upload new photos to my profile. When I'm try to upload new photos it give the error msg "Problem Loading Page, The connection was reset". I do posted about this issue in forum and didn't get a reply yet. Hope you will consider it.
P.S. I don't find any other way to msg you.
VeganStar (Il y a 1309 jours)
Vedlen, please there is a really stupid guy on chat now..he's called Altengenja and he's from Turkey! He always says he's a fan of hitler, he says killing people is not bad and above all he shows weird behavior with little girls on ppg ( we think he's a perv) and he doesn't want to reveal his name..

Please Vedlen, he ruins ppg...send him away!
Renny94 (Il y a 1363 jours)
Vedlen you're the best 001_smile
PPG carries on thanks to you wink2
VeganStar (Il y a 1363 jours)
Hey Vedlen, look who's just joined PPG...
I think it's not funny! Ok, everyone can have his opinion about that person, but using that name on a website where people just wanna meet people from other countries seems disrespectful, provocative and out of place..

Thanks for the attention, Val
VeganStar (Il y a 1391 jours)
Hey Vedlen! How are you? I just wanna to thank you for creating this site! you are a genius! Why don't you put a photo of you? so I can venerate it all day long XD ahhaha

greetings, Val biggrin

BartL (Il y a 1393 jours)
Well, believe me, More people in the chat now really prefer english only, so everyone understands everyone, and if you want to talk in a main language you can go private.

Even an Admin prefers it, cause of some people who were here yesterday
BartL (Il y a 1393 jours)
Could you make English the main language in the chat? That would be more social..
Except for private ofcourse.
angelangel (Il y a 1455 jours)
Hello 001_smile How are You ? I would speak in english with you to impove my english. Can you help me ? 001_smile
spyro (Il y a 1841 jours)
owhh ok.....
sorry 4 the question!
sh3lton (Il y a 1871 jours)
oh okay, i can do it if you want ^.^
sh3lton (Il y a 1871 jours)
hey, why there isnt a portuguese version of the website yet? 001_smile
giamma (Il y a 1962 jours)
Thanks for reply me and compliments again for the site to you and your collaborators(it is not flattery).
giamma (Il y a 1973 jours)
hi,I've sent u two e-mail,I hope that u'll receive both.
Harish (Il y a 2118 jours)
Hello Vedlen, nice to meet you. This is one of the awesome site I have ever seen. Thats y I became VIP member too. Thank you very much for providing this site.
Doctor (Il y a 2161 jours)
Doctor (Il y a 2162 jours)
can't chat
Aneth (Il y a 2162 jours)
Hey l'ami !
Comment vas-tu depuis le temps ? On s'est vraiment demandé ce que tu devenais...
C'est absolument par hasard qu'on a fini par trouver ce site ! C'est à croire que tu te cachais biggrin
Doctor (Il y a 2163 jours)
Seems the broken sonny has been out of the site, great job! biggrin
Sonny (Il y a 2197 jours)
oh, okaii 001_smile
Sonny (Il y a 2199 jours)
Ah~I see :]
and how about the main page?
I think I can help you to translate the characters into T-Chinese and S-Chinese.
Sonny (Il y a 2199 jours)
Oh~ I got it 001_smile
But i still won't do it, because I want to meet the people who doesn't care about the age or face...etc.
Then, you mean I shouldn't chat with you? 001_tongue
oh, and here is my problem: why the chatroom can't show my chinese words? The page doesn't support Chinese?
Sonny (Il y a 2199 jours)
hahaha, I just don't want to show on my real age as you biggrin
Anyways, How's the life in CA?
Sonny (Il y a 2199 jours)
Bonjour! How are you?
vicone (Il y a 2306 jours)
vedlen i'm victor from malawi,its a nice place to chat i love penpalgate,
best wishes
Kelly.Saoirse (Il y a 2374 jours)
Bonjour, Vedlen:)

After a year of hard studying, i'm back on Penpal-Gate!! How's Penpal-Gate's Chinese version going? I remember i have given a hand to a part of it... Hope everything is going well!

Best wishes,
JuStmE_xs (Il y a 2376 jours)
oowh, okay....
srr, for the misunderstanding than 001_smile
JuStmE_xs (Il y a 2380 jours)
Hi Vedlen,
how are you? :]

I have a question: where does the nickname Vedlen actually come from? (you don't have 2 answer if you don't want 2)
Ukthika (Il y a 2388 jours)
I would like to be your friend do you like it? I am ukthika from sri lanka e-mail is (e-mail hidden)
Babe (Il y a 2391 jours)
Whats up Etienne? biggrin
Nice to meet you
JuStmE_xs (Il y a 2399 jours)
hahaa , owwh thanks wink2

I really like it ...
JuStmE_xs (Il y a 2400 jours)
wowwh, I just wan't to thank you for making this site big_smile
really, I made some awsome friends so... thanks
you and arves are amazing!! laugh

& you also go online & chat??

*I don't have words for my respect to you guys !* blushing
Eline_COB (Il y a 2410 jours)
I think you're an amazing persone together with Arves!!! thumbup2
and you live in San Francisco??? ohmy
that's soooo my dream 001_smile
(I'm a kind of hippy 001_tongue)
thanks to you and your friend I've met some wonderfull people!!! biggrin
xxx Eline <3.
Prince13 (Il y a 2411 jours)
Hi, Velden, nice to know you get online too.
PRNV007 (Il y a 2440 jours)
az-pippo (Il y a 2454 jours)
J'ai réussiiii =)
Avec google chrome !!!
Merci encore !
Bonne soirée !
az-pippo (Il y a 2454 jours)
J'utilise la dernière version de Firefox..
az-pippo (Il y a 2454 jours)
Ben en fait, je choisis la musique ( qui n'est ni trop longue ni trop lourde ) et je clique sur Ok et il ne la télécharges pas...
Diman (Il y a 2474 jours)
Hello. Let we will be friends. can you give me your ICQ number please
rudydemi (Il y a 2481 jours)
J'estime donc que toute la faute repose sur lui, qu'après avoir tenté de m'imposer des règles arbitraires et avoir écrit une phrase d'ordre xénophobe, je me suis défendu comme je le pouvais. Veuillez excuser la vulgarité dont j'ai usé.
rudydemi (Il y a 2481 jours)
Je reprends son propos m'étant adressé sur le chat du site : "I can't tolerate french".
Les mots en soi ne sont pas vulgaires, certes, mais expriment un mépris bien plus sournois et profond que de simples insultes qui n'insinuent rien ! D'autant plus que les règles en vigueur concernant l'emploi obligatoire de l'anglais sur le chat furent abrogées
rudydemi (Il y a 2481 jours)
Remus n'a nullement le droit de me dire ce que je dois ou ne dois pas faire, je respecte quiconque me respecte, lui seul est responsable. Merci de votre compréhension.
kiska040807 (Il y a 2526 jours)
hello 001_smile how are u ? I am fine wink2
joyride7 (Il y a 2546 jours)
No problem there mate, its always a pleasure to help people out angel
vanellie (Il y a 2546 jours)
Je m'ennuis XD alors je te laisse un commentaire...
C'est tout mdr
onii (Il y a 2547 jours)
hi! how are you doing?
happyorange (Il y a 2548 jours)
Plume-de-Serpent (Il y a 2550 jours)
Tu vis à l'étranger. Tu aimes ton travail. Et tu as créé le site sur lequel je passe le plus de temps par jour. 001_tongue
Après, des amis et une jolie famille, et hop, ça suffit pour réussir une vie, non? 001_smile
Plume-de-Serpent (Il y a 2550 jours)
En fait, toi, tu as réussi ta vie. 001_smile
Hung.Yen (Il y a 2559 jours)
thank you vedlen 001_smile
Remus (Il y a 2566 jours)
ahah i lost a bet...i will get it changed 001_smile
PRNV (Il y a 2569 jours)
I am really sorry!
It was my idiot browser's fault.
PRNV (Il y a 2570 jours)
hey what's going on?
Why is my photo like this below?
Lin0513 (Il y a 2571 jours)
how R U?
Lin0513 (Il y a 2572 jours)
PRNV (Il y a 2573 jours)
at least tell me how to become vip for free
PRNV (Il y a 2574 jours)
Vedlen please give 5 minutes for me and consider the request below.............
PRNV (Il y a 2574 jours)
Hi Veden,
[1]I know what is the roll of a moderator.
[2]Also maximum time I am on Penpal gate.
These are the reasons why consider myself capable of being a moderator.

PRNV (Il y a 2575 jours)
Ok fine,at least tell me how to become a VIP for free.
PRNV (Il y a 2575 jours)
Plese reply quickly, I am ready to do anything!
PRNV (Il y a 2575 jours)
Hi Vedlen, How to become a moderator?
PRNV (Il y a 2576 jours)
Hi Vedlen, I want to become a vip for free. What is the proccedure.
Dyl4n (Il y a 2589 jours)
Hi Ved, I have just one question..How can I become a moderator? Considering that it's a lot of time that I'm singed in penpal gate..
bridget.c (Il y a 2620 jours)
salut ^^
This site is magnificent
and i love it =)
Keep up the fantastique work !
Remus (Il y a 2622 jours)
yes...just figured it out later..sorry 001_smile
xRacerX972 (Il y a 2637 jours)
My brother is a network engineer and has ties with companies that specialize in site hosting.. I may be able to get you a better deal than your current ISP, if you're interested..
Verena (Il y a 2714 jours)
please delete my account. i enjoy it so much that i have pen pals that i now talk to through email and such thank you very much i may use this in the futrue some time but i don't know when. i will recomend my friends to this site. thank you very much and good bye
kateispink (Il y a 2717 jours)
hi im kate
frenchy-girl (Il y a 2728 jours)
ok ! That's hot ! it's really expensive ! anyway thanks for the tips . I'll have time to think it over wink2
frenchy-girl (Il y a 2728 jours)
ok thank you for the link =) . If i can I will do it in a 4 or so year .
I've read somewhere that studies in the US were very expensive ! Is it right ?
frenchy-girl (Il y a 2728 jours)
cause I've made some researches and I find that you need an english license to do that 001_huh which strike me cause I already have had english assistant who doesn't speak french at all , or just a little . So I think I may made a mistake about the word I used on my researches.
frenchy-girl (Il y a 2728 jours)
what a luck ! Tell me , maybe you know if there , there is "french assisstant" as in france . I mean that in france in my high school I have one class hour with a native (english) during what we just speak english to practise . I would be interested on doing that ( later) in the US . But don't know if it exists or if it's called on the same way
frenchy-girl (Il y a 2729 jours)
What do you mean by "I had the opportunity ? " Did you go to the US by yourself or thanks to a program (like Erasmus ?)
I would love to go there one day :p
frenchy-girl (Il y a 2729 jours)
Oh okay so it's pretty new ! You moved cause you had to or is it a choice ?
frenchy-girl (Il y a 2729 jours)
oh okay it becomes clearer now biggrin .
Where did you live in france ?
and when did you move to california ? It must be really awesome to live in the US !
frenchy-girl (Il y a 2729 jours)
Hi vedlen =) !
How are you ?
Do you live in france or in california ?
ANyway this site is a very good idea ! I love it =) . And it's the only one I know which is so awesome ! So thanks !! =)
Beccars (Il y a 2743 jours)
Yeah so, there won't be any more lies. I trust you enough not to stalk me to my house or anything XD

Sorry about all the confusion. My primary email has a fruity name so I use the secondary one sometimes.

I'm going to turn in too. It's been nice meeting you! :]
Beccars (Il y a 2743 jours)
It is my real name! D:

Rebecca Grace D:
Beccars (Il y a 2743 jours)
Haha, hi.

It's that one girl from Omegle :]
Angelsoul (Il y a 2743 jours)
hi~ nice to meet you~
My name is Seung woo.
I live in korea..
albert02711 (Il y a 2746 jours)
Hi I didn't see where you moved my message nor the answer, where can i see it?
finel (Il y a 2755 jours)
euh! for the chat box! i don't know i thought that something was wrong because each time i enter there's only me!nobody else!!!!
ok ok! i think that there were really REALLY no one there!!
thanks admin anyway!!
peace ^^
finel (Il y a 2756 jours)
vedlen! what's the name of this song?
i liked it very much ^^
great website!! i'm pround of your work...continue comme ça ^^
ah! another thing,does the Chat box work???
SayHello (Il y a 2769 jours)
Hi 001_smile Thanks for this website. I enjoy it a lot. I have a question though. Is there any way to report members who may be unsafe?
Melagwada (Il y a 2802 jours)
C super pour le traducteur wink2
Trop contente:)
777jackpot777 (Il y a 2807 jours)
thank you for your time
777jackpot777 (Il y a 2807 jours)
Hey Vedlen I thinkm i'll become active again, what are the possiblities of becoming a forum moderator? I give you my resume if you'll consider it mellow
Giuseppe (Il y a 2846 jours)
Thanks for your work on this website thumbup1
Remus (Il y a 2870 jours)
thanks. i tested , and works.

just that after i kick the person , he still appears in the right list , but that's not a major problem wink2

have a good day.
banzzo (Il y a 2884 jours)
what's the song?
HarryQin (Il y a 2885 jours)
sorry i can't accept your words of "ambiguaty".Your website use the Flag to reprsent to location the users blong to,so does the national flag of Republic of China reprsent Taiwan ,and the National Flag Of People's Republic of China reprsent the mainland?i hope you can consider about this.
jessicachiao (Il y a 2886 jours)
oh i see!!!
thank you biggrin
jessesnow (Il y a 2886 jours)
Hey Vedlen! What's the song/artist?
MelihGMC (Il y a 2922 jours)
I wanna ask u some questions? Do I need to do I upgrade my account VIP?
What a benefit to me like this?
Kelly.Saoirse (Il y a 2922 jours)
Hey... ça va bien?

I hope you're all good my friend:)
Aleksander (Il y a 2927 jours)

Any idea why can't I delete my friends? I'm using Arch Linux and Firefox 3.5. X button just doesn't respond...
Cody (Il y a 2943 jours)
Hey sexy mamas taz
scooby (Il y a 2973 jours)
Hi Etienne, I want u to do a work i mean modify ... make sure that we can send an important comment to all our friends at once ... i mean mark few of them .. write text in a box and send to all of them whom we have marked .... Regards
Brianne (Il y a 2977 jours)
Hey Ved,
I clicked "upgrade to VIP" and paid the lifetime membership fee...
But it still tells me to upgrade to VIP. What's the deal, man? <3
GauravNerkar (Il y a 2996 jours)
jihye0111 (Il y a 2997 jours)
Good song~ wink2
GauravNerkar (Il y a 3000 jours)
Hi,I am Gaurav.Can you please be my friend.
aariz (Il y a 3020 jours)
right. Professionaly, Whats ur job?
aariz (Il y a 3029 jours)
What does Vedlen mean?
aariz (Il y a 3029 jours)
Dear, the page is working now. Thank a lot.
aariz (Il y a 3029 jours)
Dear, there is still an error when i gona select the main picture for the profile. it does not change. It remains the same

aariz (Il y a 3030 jours)
Thank You very much 001_smile
aariz (Il y a 3030 jours)
Hello. Hope you are fine. Dear, I am facing an error. When Click the button" Make My picture" the pages shows some programing syntaxes. I cant upload the main profile pic. Please help me in this regard
Aarim Memon
aariz (Il y a 3039 jours)
Dear, I am a student and working voluntarily in an educational organization. Could you please make my account VIP.

Thanking You
aariz (Il y a 3041 jours)
IE= internet explorer. Javacript void text appears on the bottom side of the page when we put the mouse arrow on the NEXT option. But its working now.
aariz (Il y a 3043 jours)
I use google chrome and IE's latest version.
aariz (Il y a 3043 jours)
Java scripting coding problem occurs with this msesage " javascript.void(0) while clicking on next to see more comments.
cool007 (Il y a 3045 jours)
this theme is cooler that the previous one
meganxxmarie (Il y a 3052 jours)
i have no idea what you're talking about
i read your comment 5 times and makes less and less sense each time.....

meganxxmarie (Il y a 3054 jours)
yeah i love red and this song
you really are the best!

so i think you should have a black escalade and ill have a white one
meganxxmarie (Il y a 3055 jours)
find out what you're doing first
you're song is skipping while i type this and its making me mad
is it by RED?
Vaclav (Il y a 3055 jours)
Good luck, and tell me know, when you open russian projeckt! I must it use 001_smile
RHV (Il y a 3056 jours)
Hi! Yeah, Vaclav has left a comment. Ok, I can help. I've got some experience, 'cause I occasiaonally do some pieces of translation both from English into Russian and vica versa. But when exactly do you need to have it translated?
Vaclav (Il y a 3056 jours)
Hi, i can, who can translate very good -
meganxxmarie (Il y a 3056 jours)
you are the coolest btw
even though you make fun of everything i do...
but when san francisco comes around..ill be able to kick you or something haha
upgrade me
honeybee (Il y a 3066 jours)
I found it! clap
honeybee (Il y a 3066 jours)
oh,I didn´t know that 001_rolleyes
How is that group called so that I can join?
honeybee (Il y a 3066 jours)
hi Vedlen,since you use facebook,did you know that you can build there a fan page for Penpal gate?It could be a good way to promote it.
Aghy (Il y a 3069 jours)
salout!beau que vous avez placè le site!!! thumbup1
2hot2cool (Il y a 3072 jours)
alone in chat room
jinnie (Il y a 3073 jours)
give me something that i have to translate.
jihye0111 (Il y a 3077 jours)
001_tt2 how are you??
jihye0111 (Il y a 3078 jours)
thank youuuu add friend
have a good day!!~ clover
jihye0111 (Il y a 3079 jours)
hi i'm ji hye clown
i'm living in korea
i love music punk
Who are you favorite singer??
Tell me~ piease~!

suzette (Il y a 3089 jours)
Hi Etienne
Impressive. I am looking for a penpal who will help me with French. I will be visiting St Raphael on the French Riviera in June for two weeks. Staying with a host family and learning the language. Would love to be able to converse in french when I get there. Would you like to help me.
megan. (Il y a 3089 jours)
Oh! I see.
Well I should go to France:]
New york is nice
and yeah sadly i do :[
XorionnaXo (Il y a 3092 jours)
I need help
I was V.I.P
like 3 days ago! and now its gone?
and i never signed up for V.I.P it just showed up so now im confused
megan. (Il y a 3092 jours)
Oh thats cool!
what made yourself want to create this
website? And tell me more about paris
im very interested.
What states have you been to in the US.?
megan. (Il y a 3094 jours)
Hey, Vedlen
how are you?
Did you create this website?
You are from France what is that like?
I need help on uploaded music
I dont know how to do this.

Thanks, Megan<3
PRNV (Il y a 3098 jours)
Dear Vedlen,
Rocksrarzzz have send me very dirty abuse words.I nat gave him single abuse.Plzz See after this matter.I was really shocked When I Read that.And what will my friends think about me.
rockstarzzz (Il y a 3098 jours)
I mean that:
have you visited orkut? you know there on our profiles we can upload many videos & images. also thee are groupsssss
PRNV (Il y a 3099 jours)
And tell me the time.
PRNV (Il y a 3099 jours)
When you will get time can you come to chat.
rockstarzzz (Il y a 3106 jours)
can you make something interesting like coomunity
Genny (Il y a 3107 jours)
thankx 4 making me vip!
mkhockey (Il y a 3114 jours)
your site is super great send me a message! i will never leave this place over here! send me a message if you want!! rockon
sevrine (Il y a 3115 jours)
Bonjour, je souhaite supprimer mon profil, comment puis-je le faire? Merci. Séverine.
janym (Il y a 3116 jours)
what a fast reaction! wow good job. thanks...
Ice (Il y a 3122 jours)
Okay, thanks 001_smile
abbaz (Il y a 3123 jours)
A Happy New YEar!
Dada (Il y a 3124 jours)
thank you!!!!!!
i wish you good luck in 2009!001_smile
MADS (Il y a 3139 jours)
try this, this's a popular site, but will this work for me to get VIP
MADS (Il y a 3143 jours)
can i have some document based on this site that is perfect enough to be published in a famous website

will it work to me to get VIP for free?
Erick3189 (Il y a 3158 jours)
My shoes doesn't count? haha. joke
Thanks for the answer!, I'll upload another picture then.
rockstarzzz (Il y a 3159 jours)
hi admin thanks for be my friend
rockstarzzz (Il y a 3167 jours)
be ma frnd
Thunder (Il y a 3167 jours)
thanks!!!!!!!!!! 001_cool 001_smile
Thunder (Il y a 3169 jours)
Hi Friends.? rockon punk 001_cool 001_cool
glanp (Il y a 3173 jours)
u know what
i think i already send a message but i will retry
et le myeus c que je vai le faire en francais 001_smile
franchement parmis les bonnes a classer dans un boucin celle ci et bonne
felicitation pour la creation du site
sa fai minteneant longtemps que je suis dessus mais sai un plaisir de venir chaque jour ( meme si il n'y a pas de messages )
trunks (Il y a 3178 jours)
hi vedlen
i have seen siddhu giving bad words to my brother named 2hot2cool
check my brothers comments
cooldx (Il y a 3186 jours)
sorry but i got a email from
(e-mail hidden).
it was all in french
i dont know french
did u sent that?
hotdude (Il y a 3186 jours)
hi vedlin! please be my friend and have all the fun with me!

Siddhu (Il y a 3187 jours)
Hi fucker u cant even Run a site
make me an VIP Or i will cut ur penis undestand
XorionnaXo (Il y a 3194 jours)
Can you make me a V.I.P
I am very active with this website
I already have like 78 or something
comments in 2 days :]]
Goku (Il y a 3195 jours)
oh i should be care ful!
XorionnaXo (Il y a 3195 jours)
how are you? Are you the creator of this website?
loverboy (Il y a 3196 jours)
hi vedlen sorry i was in a busy schedule 4some days because of my exam. yinyang
XorionnaXo (Il y a 3196 jours)
Goku (Il y a 3200 jours)
am i a VIP forever?
jayesh (Il y a 3202 jours)
hi vedlen sorry i was out 4 some days clap closedeyes rockon
Don (Il y a 3204 jours)
sorry,i,was out for some days
clap clap clap angel donatello
loverboy (Il y a 3209 jours)
hello vedlen. i was in a busy schedule . have you forgotten me. 001_unsure
abbaz (Il y a 3215 jours)
i was out on a bigggg holiday , actually.
Goku (Il y a 3216 jours)
thank you! i have created it!
you are cool and your site is as cool as you! thumbup2
abbaz (Il y a 3217 jours)
why did you mak me a member again.
what was bad.
jinnie (Il y a 3223 jours)
everything is ok^^
Don (Il y a 3224 jours)
I am very happy that you became my friend.
001_smile thumbup2
Humingbird (Il y a 3225 jours)
Very Sorry!!! Kinda got carried away
xoleahcheerleaderxo (Il y a 3232 jours)
im confused
what did i report lol.?
and I was born in reims
france so I wanted to put where I
was from is that okay?
katriena (Il y a 3248 jours)
Hello. Will you be my frnd? I want to learn French. Will you teach me?
speed (Il y a 3249 jours)
I like to be ya friend.i am frm sri lanka.if ok add me.

thnx speed
Goku (Il y a 3257 jours)
hi vedlen can i post links again and be a VIP again??If i can i will!
aariz (Il y a 3258 jours)
Hi Admin. Hope you are fine and doing good with ur job.
abbaz (Il y a 3273 jours)
hehe sup? dude i will soon finish the translation cause i m back from holidays
i wanted to ask u that can u plz help designing my site or just creating it its a small site plz visit it and email me about wat should i improve in it
plz i need ur help 001_cool 001_cool 001_cool 001_cool
trunks (Il y a 3274 jours)
u dint answer my questions
trunks (Il y a 3276 jours)
a very very happy friendship day
scarlett (Il y a 3279 jours)
hiya could you add me as a freind thanks x
trunks (Il y a 3284 jours)
u dint answer my question
sam_lover (Il y a 3285 jours)
hi i will be very proud to be modrater
trunks (Il y a 3290 jours)
hi vedlen
i wana be ur pal plz add me
trunks (Il y a 3292 jours)
hi ........ dear
i cant understand how can i become a v.i.p plz tell what shall i do on penpal to become vip
katriena (Il y a 3297 jours)
Hi Vedlen. Will you be my penpal?
houcemc (Il y a 3302 jours)
Merci en tout cas.
j'avais un problème de logement en fait, et maintenant j'ai trouvé un studio(CROUS).
Lorsque j'ai lancé le forum,j'ai pensé qu'on est là pour discuter nos prob réels et trouver des solutions !?
houcemc (Il y a 3303 jours)
j'ai pas compris l'erreur que tu as signalé au forum?
sam_lover (Il y a 3304 jours)
if u want to ween jackpot sand your information on (e-mail hidden)
u con get 2000$
a help to make u rich
so make me a VIP
sam_lover (Il y a 3304 jours)
hi man you are a dood
sam_lover (Il y a 3305 jours)
hi!!!!!! u are a grat man
cool007 (Il y a 3308 jours)
hello uncle abbaz was telling that he had a time span for beeing a vip and thats over y dont u again make him a member
sam_lover (Il y a 3312 jours)
ha what up do uwant to be my friend angel
cool007 (Il y a 3314 jours)
in that topic it is that we have to translate a thing but i cant translate languages like german french italian etc... i can translate hindi marathi gujrati
so plz help me out uncle plz...
Janttu (Il y a 3314 jours)
This site is great! Tnx!
Sudara (Il y a 3315 jours)
hellow, i got my profile back, thank you very much!!
Holls-of-heaven (Il y a 3315 jours)
hi there pal can u tell me somethimg about BARMUDA TRIANGLE
honeybee (Il y a 3316 jours)
Hi Vedlen,
this is great site!The best penpal site with beautiful design. clap Thanks for founding. 001_icon16
cool007 (Il y a 3317 jours)
hello vedlen uncle i wannted know about how can i become a free vip
plz mail me this information plz
ChemicalCaitlin (Il y a 3319 jours)
Hey, this is really great site =)
Thanks so much for making it!
I would love to get into web design..and learn french hehe wink2
thanks, again.
Mcr_lover22 (Il y a 3321 jours)
that is soooo cool that you made penpal-gate!!!! this is 1 of my fav websites!!!!! rockon
abbaz (Il y a 3322 jours)
hi vedlen uncle so how r u ?

i cant translate everything now sry very much bit i will do it
cool007 (Il y a 3328 jours)
thanx vedlen uncle for adding as your friend its a pleasure for me that i am your friend thanx again 001_smile clap
shmegalah (Il y a 3330 jours)

nice song
shmegalah (Il y a 3330 jours)
im sorry

p.s. this song sucks
Prutti (Il y a 3332 jours)
Penpal-gate is great site...You can write me in ICQ.My number is 496996118
Prutti (Il y a 3332 jours)
Hey-hey....)))) How are you?... 001_smile
cool007 (Il y a 3333 jours)
kunal,goku{rahul},abbaz{abbas},x-cavatar{anand}are my classmates plz accept my reqvest plz do!!!!!!!!!!
cool007 (Il y a 3333 jours)
plz accept my reqvest vedlen uncle
i and abbas r both class-mates plz accept my reqvest plz ! plz ! plz !plz ! plz ! plz !!!!!!!! yes
cool007 (Il y a 3334 jours)
hello vedlen uncle i want 2 b your friend plz accept me plz plz plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 001_smile 001_smile
cool007 (Il y a 3335 jours)
hi i am abbaz friend pushkar plz add me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sam_lover (Il y a 3338 jours)
ha i want to be a vip in freee
somebody (Il y a 3339 jours)
Thank you much for banning him!!!
anna. (Il y a 3340 jours)
thank you!
Goku (Il y a 3341 jours)
hi! thanx for making me a VIP.
LisaS (Il y a 3343 jours)
I answered..but apparently you didn't received it!
777jackpot777 (Il y a 3344 jours)
could u tell me how u made this site like what hosting and what program... email at (e-mail hidden)
777jackpot777 (Il y a 3344 jours)
oh ok
Goku (Il y a 3344 jours)
I have posted the URL and if its right plz make me a VIP soon.

LisaS (Il y a 3344 jours)
I'm sure I'm not the first to congratulate you but anyway..I'm fan of your site design!It's well-organized and very my opinion 001_smile001_smile
I start learning the "computer language" but it's very hard and complicated..J'espère réussir le même good job que vous..ohh my french isn't fabulous..sorry for that 001_smile
Goku (Il y a 3345 jours)
HI! Hey can I translate English - Marathi ????
sam_lover (Il y a 3345 jours)
ha i am new i had make a web page for u and penpal so if u want it make a VIP. cowboy
shmegalah (Il y a 3346 jours)
(8)Sur un tissu très très doux
je dessine je dessine
sur un tissu très très doux
je dessine des bisous
pour la fête de maman
je dessine je dessine
pour la fête mamans
je dessine en m'appliquant(8)

dont forget mothers day innocent
abbaz (Il y a 3347 jours)
i can translate hindi
abbaz (Il y a 3349 jours)
so wat should i do to start translating
MADS (Il y a 3349 jours)
plz add me as a friend
Siddhu (Il y a 3349 jours)
hi ! wana b my frnd
sk8tergirl54 (Il y a 3349 jours)
oh! i get it! sometimes i can be sooo stupid!
sk8tergirl54 (Il y a 3350 jours)
hi, umm, i just wanted 2 ask u what the exclamation marks next to the user names are for? detective
Verena (Il y a 3350 jours)
thank you
abbaz (Il y a 3350 jours)
come to chat plz
abbaz (Il y a 3350 jours)
so wat type of help should i give u

plz tell me when u need a moderator i would be ready to become one
Verena (Il y a 3350 jours)
carrieann: u fuck ur ,mum

that is a qote from chat room ask somebody or tarek too
Verena (Il y a 3351 jours)
okay i will tell my friend. and thank you i don't like bening a shrink all the time by my friend did not know how to report in okay
abbaz (Il y a 3351 jours)
okay my uncle friend and many more

i will mail ya
kunal (Il y a 3351 jours)
hi vedlen can u come in chat room
abbaz (Il y a 3351 jours)
can u plz come to chat room
abbaz (Il y a 3351 jours)
okay so wat procedures have i to follow to help u
i am very glad to help
abbaz (Il y a 3351 jours)
ur MP3 is cool

and wat about my email i asked u
abbaz (Il y a 3351 jours)
thx vedlen for my vip account
777jackpot777 (Il y a 3351 jours)
you dont have to be legle the internet is a free world and fallow the laws and your good
abbaz (Il y a 3351 jours)
chk ur mail i have sent an email
abbaz (Il y a 3351 jours)
oh no!!!!!!! i sit on net 3 hours daily and learn new things cause i dont wanna wait yrs i wanna be the smallest one to create a site so tell me how did u start plz if u can tell

and wat can a moderator do tell me
abbaz (Il y a 3351 jours)
i meant plz give me ideas and places for creating sites
abbaz (Il y a 3351 jours)
whoa !!!!!!yes
abbaz (Il y a 3351 jours)
okay as u wish but when will i become a vip u promised i have ur sites advertise on 4 sites/bogs
abbaz (Il y a 3351 jours)
i will have members only if u advertise my site
come to chat lets talk there
abbaz (Il y a 3351 jours)
vedlen can u advertise my site here plz
just a small text will appear on ur big page
plz do advertise it
my site iss under construction now
if u r ready email me or post a comment on my profile
Goku (Il y a 3351 jours)
thanx vedlen i m creating a site and i will give penpal's ad ..ok...bye
Goku (Il y a 3351 jours)
hey vedlen sorry i directly clicked on report on abuse by mistake for me and mistake dont ban me and satya ...coz i was trying to see wats it!
abbaz (Il y a 3352 jours)
can u tell me when are u online according to indian time
cause i want to chat with u about this site
abbaz (Il y a 3352 jours)
yes, sir punk i would make one more
Goku (Il y a 3352 jours)
hey vedlen i didnt understand the free VIP thing can u just leave a comment on my profile and explain it???? plz .....cya
abbaz (Il y a 3352 jours)
do u mean that th link didnt open

if i give one more will i become a vip
abbaz (Il y a 3353 jours)
hi i ahve left a link for the site advertisement on the forum chk it is it right do u want more
Verena (Il y a 3354 jours)
this is for a firend of mine called troubles. we were in the chat room and this girl came in her code name we carrieann she came in and just started to swear, me and toubles thought we better tell you. okay
ackeem202 (Il y a 3355 jours)
how did you become a vip member tell me email me all the facts okay
kunal (Il y a 3355 jours)
hi....... vedlen
plz come i chat room fast
abbaz (Il y a 3355 jours)
can u tell me ow 2 make messages like avividmind has made
(at the botom of home page)
kunal (Il y a 3355 jours)
what is ur age
kunal (Il y a 3355 jours)
hi. vedlen
i have some bad guys name they are
the indian pleasure is good 001_cool
and what about the new update when is it going to come i am egerly waiting for it and punish the bad guys

buy........ punk 001_cool
Jaichi (Il y a 3355 jours)
Thought you might want to know that the person with the user name "pleasure" is talking in a appropriate way to some of the girls on this site. Please look into it and deal with it as you see fit to. Thanks in advanced.
katieruth (Il y a 3356 jours)
thank you
abbaz (Il y a 3356 jours)
and there r many more bad ppl if u like me to tell u about them then tell me
abbaz (Il y a 3356 jours)
chk out gigglelicious profile and u will find that how bad is he chk out gigglelicious's comments
shmegalah (Il y a 3356 jours)
okk! biggrin
r u lyke french?
thats soooooo cute!!!!! wub wub
kunal (Il y a 3356 jours)
can u come in chat room plz now
fast 001_cool
kunal (Il y a 3356 jours)
hello... vedlen
i liked ur site its cool
kunal (Il y a 3356 jours)
hi.......... vedlen
ur photo is nice
ur too intresting i have lisined from my frands
so i also wana be one of ur friend plz add me

kunal bye............ 001_cool 001_wub 001_smile punk
abbaz (Il y a 3357 jours)
so the work is going on okay if u want sum games u can tell me
abbaz (Il y a 3357 jours)
plz add filter on bad words sum ppl use them on chat
abbaz (Il y a 3357 jours)
hi vedlen i wanna u if u could add some games i thing goku has sent sum to u can u add some multiplayer games 001_cool 001_cool 001_cool 001_cool
Verena (Il y a 3358 jours)
i have a compliant. some one named sottile from Las Vegus wanted to talk about sex i think that something should me done don't ask what should be done but i feel very and i mean VERY uncomertable

TheRainGoddess (Il y a 3363 jours)
No problem, Vedlen. 001_smile I think it's my duty. I've decided to keep to Tamil technical terms. It sounds awkward if I use English words. Thanks for letting me choose. 001_smile
X-cavators (Il y a 3364 jours)
veldlen pls add me
777jackpot777 (Il y a 3364 jours)
dude my site has content!!!
777jackpot777 (Il y a 3365 jours)
ya vadlin, i wanna know if you could advertise my site on penpal gate...

TYhank you

TheRainGoddess (Il y a 3365 jours)
Thanks for debugging. 001_smile
Ok. I will help with the translation. You can tell me how to do it.
Goku (Il y a 3365 jours)
Thank u !! biggrin if ur site gets more publicity be more famous than Yahoo! and google...
Verena (Il y a 3369 jours)
i have a question i put it on the joneynoname forum messages
sk8tergirl54 (Il y a 3369 jours)
777jackpot777 (Il y a 3369 jours)
ok Vadlen that site has lots of content, updated every day!!! i even put your site in da search
Verena (Il y a 3369 jours)
hello vedlen i live in canada and i would like to be your friend
777jackpot777 (Il y a 3370 jours)
Val email me right away!!!!!!!!!!! I need you to help me with something.
sk8tergirl54 (Il y a 3370 jours)
hey,whenever i try 2 write a comment,i see those little smilies at the bottom.whats the deal w/those?
777jackpot777 (Il y a 3378 jours)
qu'entrepreneur de web avez-vous utilisé pour faire ce site ?
shmegalah (Il y a 3379 jours)
yup. you can't deny it
teacher (Il y a 3379 jours)
Wah That's exactly what I did!
Thanks mate, I remembered after I had written here.
teacher (Il y a 3379 jours)
Etienne, Didn't know mate.
Sorry only way I know how to contact you Is it possible to give a tutorial on SMILIES, i.e. how to get them into the comments page.
I only through trial and error have been able to get some to work on my page as you know devil and angel are my favs.
sk8tergirl54 (Il y a 3379 jours)
abbaz (Il y a 3380 jours)
i meant r o l l dice this this turned into a face lol
abbaz (Il y a 3380 jours)
hey is it ur site its the best can u tell me wats this roll dice in chat plz
cya l8r
777jackpot777 (Il y a 3380 jours)
'sup? check my forum post
Holls-of-heaven (Il y a 3380 jours)
sk8tergirl54 (Il y a 3380 jours)
hey,how many friends r u allowed 2 have?
sk8tergirl54 (Il y a 3383 jours)
sk8tergirl54 (Il y a 3383 jours)
hi vedlen!i was gonna ask u somthing.have u ever thought about adding more choices on the hobbies?cuz thiers so many more sports out there like track and other stuff like that.and on the music y don't u add stuff like pop music?
Margarita (Il y a 3386 jours)
Thanks? Not sure if that's good or bad.. lol
teacher (Il y a 3387 jours)
Cool mate my students are here some of them and more on the way.
I held a end class about your achievements.
As I said before when someone does good I blow their trumpet when ever I can student or adult. It's my way!
teacher (Il y a 3387 jours)
Should you ever need help my friend.
I don't know much about this sort of stuff, even with a dip in IT , I am at a loss as to what you have done here!
I'd love to give a hand if you need it.
Also, I have a degree in Psychology should anyone need to just talk!
Margarita (Il y a 3387 jours)
I do enjoy the site. It's just that lots of gross guys send things on my wall!
Margarita (Il y a 3387 jours)
Oh, well she didn't mention anything like that. She said you guys were close and she was trying to get people to join your site. Idk.
Margarita (Il y a 3387 jours)
What do you mean she won't talk to you?

She seems kind of down lately.

She had told me to sign up for this a few weeks ago. she was saying it was a penpal site freshly created or something. I thought it sounded cool, but I never signed up until recently.
Margarita (Il y a 3388 jours)
okay well hey. My friend Bri told me to sign up for this thing. We're in the same Spanish group ^^
teacher (Il y a 3388 jours)
Thanks mate what you have done so far is fantastic mate.
thanks for the heads up though.
Wah! something new coming that's great, have you told the world yet?
sk8tergirl54 (Il y a 3388 jours)
ok...thanks 4 understanding!
teacher (Il y a 3389 jours)
Sorry my friend.
sk8tergirl54 (Il y a 3389 jours)
dude, i'm sooo sorry! i didn't spread the word around!i guess teacher saw one of the comments!and i have no idea y he started talking about divorce!and homes and stuff!so please 4give my nosyness!?
sk8tergirl54 (Il y a 3390 jours)
i don't mean 2 be nosy but...wat's the reason?
Margarita (Il y a 3391 jours)
Nice site! you made this?
sk8tergirl54 (Il y a 3391 jours)
hey,i was wondering...when ever i try 2 get on briannernanners page it says "deactivated".did u 2 have a fight or something?even though i think its kinda dum 2 kick smone off the site cuz of a fight(no offense!)i was just asking...
shmegalah (Il y a 3399 jours)
yes to everything
shmegalah (Il y a 3399 jours)
your song is like cradle of filth mixed with celtic women...
i think it's time to put up some a change of pace.
war in your bedroom anyone??? :]
ZiRvy (Il y a 3401 jours)
Sorry I didn't read the e-mail till now.. Next time I'll delete english version..^^'
Nokciolina (Il y a 3403 jours)
Vraiment, félicitations pour ce site, il est génial. C'est dommage qu'il n'y ait pas plus de monde, mais ça viendra. Et puis c'est mieux d'avoir quelques personnes sympa qu'une masse informe de gens étranges... Haha.
Je sais pas pourquoi j'étais sûre que l'Admin était de Paris *CHAUVIIIIIIIINE* Qui.. moi? xD
teacher (Il y a 3405 jours)
Still love it! Well done Vedlen
Did you get the email I sent down the shoot to admin?
Raqui (Il y a 3405 jours)
Life's goin pretty good for me. How about you? And when am I going to get to visit you in Paris and see the Eiffel Tower?? wink2
Fishbone (Il y a 3405 jours)
Wooo hey sorry dude I didn't know it was a problem my bad.
Raqui (Il y a 3406 jours)
Eti! Hey it's Rachel from Tennessee! How are you doin? This site is soo cool! I love it! Thanks so much for all your hard work. wink2
milkii (Il y a 3408 jours)
hi helper #1! =)
how are you? lol
sk8tergirl54 (Il y a 3408 jours)
That's y i put quotation marks around girlfriend! she talks about u alot! (at least i think so!)this is kinda embarrasing but, i think yr so cute! she's so lucky!
sk8tergirl54 (Il y a 3408 jours)
anyone's! maybe it's my pc?o well it's okay. but it let me comment on the homepage!

with luv,

P.S. i know yr "girlfriend", briannernanner! yr so cute 2gether!
sk8tergirl54 (Il y a 3408 jours)
hey, it won't let me do smilies on anyone elses comments. i'm very mad about it! help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KittyJai (Il y a 3408 jours)
Alright I understand.. Well I suppose I could buy VIP and as for my bio.. I have to do that over.. Aww nuts.. T__T
Tuikku89 (Il y a 3408 jours)
seems ok to me 001_tongue I let you know if something is messed up!
margey6652 (Il y a 3409 jours)
Well I can understand Russian and Ukrainian so I can translate it into English... Is that much use?
Tuikku89 (Il y a 3409 jours)
Done 001_tongue (like you haven´t noticed it xD)
Tuikku89 (Il y a 3409 jours)
Thanks for the e-mail 001_smile001_tongue I'll start as soon as I've got time 001_smile
Seika (Il y a 3409 jours)
Ah.. ok ok! Merci bien u.u 001_smile
Seika (Il y a 3409 jours)
On est obligé de mettre une photo ?? Parce que mon dessin ça vient de moi >_<!
(comme j'eus vu que quelqu'un avait mis une image je trouve ça injuste u_u)
Tuikku89 (Il y a 3409 jours)
I'd be happy to help you!
Hopefully I don´t mess up anything then! HAHAHAHA biggrin
BriannerNanner (Il y a 3409 jours)
Mr. Vedlen,

Do you like my picture now?

margey6652 (Il y a 3409 jours)
I can translate French into english and sorta vice-versa. Plus I can understand Russian but I cant write.
Tuikku89 (Il y a 3409 jours)
Hey there!
I could translate into Finnish, if you need 001_smile
Felita (Il y a 3410 jours)
It's a very nice site^^

Mirage (Il y a 3410 jours)
nice site~
KittyJai (Il y a 3410 jours)
Well first off... My VIP account is gone.. My name is changed to Sherry.. My information about me down there changed with my friends profile on here (Sherry) And my pictures are gone..
KittyJai (Il y a 3410 jours)
Yo Vedlen.. Your site's got major glitches.. I mean look at my profile it's all messed up..
sk8tergirl54 (Il y a 3411 jours)
dude! this site rocks!
giota (Il y a 3411 jours)
I'm the one with the problem when trying to search for pen-pals...
can you give me a solution please??
thank you!
Sakura020897 (Il y a 3411 jours)
If you need a Translation from English to Indonesian or Indonesian to English,I can do.So,just ask me,K?
golo (Il y a 3411 jours)
if you need a translation to german just ask me wink2
O.Robert (Il y a 3411 jours)
Tu n'es pas un homme, tu es un geni. ohhhh qu'il est vraiment beau!! ce site.
Merci, Merci encore, Merci toujours, et Merci.
wick_2ph (Il y a 3412 jours)
hey admin!!! I clicked the wrong button when i registered. I should have clicked the VIP coz its free. but i was mistaken to click the standard member. Please change my acount to VIP coz when I joined 2 days ago it says that VIP is still free for newbies.
ZiRvy (Il y a 3412 jours)
I can help with italian, If needed...let me know..
JayJayJayJay (Il y a 3413 jours)
I'm still interested in transting site to Thai. Because It's now my term break so I have many free-times. How can I do for you?

May0 (Il y a 3413 jours)
Ouai bah j'le trouve sympa le site bon travail ^^
milkii (Il y a 3413 jours)
thx for helping me ;]
just dropping by ^^
KittyJai (Il y a 3413 jours)
Yes Velden Nice site man.. I got a few ideas to brighten it up though =)
Christa (Il y a 3414 jours)
Nvm I figured it out...
lol sorry
Nice site, Btw!
Christa (Il y a 3414 jours)
Oh and how do you do the signatures on the forum???
Christa (Il y a 3414 jours)
Hey I was the one with the hobbies saving problem...?
I'm using Internet Explorer...
It lets me check them, and says that my profile is updated, but then it says "None" under my hobbies when I look back...????
BriannerNanner (Il y a 3414 jours)
Bf, I really think you should set up a way you can display your relationship status. Lots of boys--mostly French boys think for some reason I might be interested! I've already got mine.. lol
_deepshikha_ (Il y a 3414 jours)
Eheu! Worthy site!
Keep it up!
xo_kaliforniadream_xo (Il y a 3414 jours)
KittyJai (Il y a 3415 jours)
Bonjour.. Keep up the good work dude.. I'm a web designer some what too.. Maybe we can chat 001_smile
Balletbabe96 (Il y a 3415 jours)
I have a question how long do i get VIP before i have to pay. Because when i signed up it says i got it for free. I need my account cancled if i have to pay too.
mystearica007 (Il y a 3415 jours)
Hey, I just read your new message on the forums and tried to send a message, but it didn't really want to work. sad Anyway, I would love to help with translating the site to German, if you need help.
Thanks! 001_smile
teacher (Il y a 3415 jours)
Hey, two thumbs up my friend. Bloody well done. from down under.
BriannerNanner (Il y a 3415 jours)
Hey bf...
How can I post links promoting this site on like my facebook or something?
margey6652 (Il y a 3415 jours)
lol. Nice music. Great site by the way. 001_smile
Texasgirl1 (Il y a 3415 jours)
Pretty awesome site u got here =]
BriannerNanner (Il y a 3415 jours)
OK yeah I know that! Haha. I just didn't like the part that said "Metal". Come on, you know those are separate! Yay I figured this all out! Go me. (L)(K)
Cody (Il y a 3420 jours)
this website is awesome biggrin good job
shmegalah (Il y a 3422 jours)
you know it! i think you need to put it on yours..
shmegalah (Il y a 3422 jours)
the site is awesome! :]
aiz0u (Il y a 3422 jours)
Amazing job Etienne! You're the best!


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Pays : Etats-Unis


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Hi, I founded and built Penpal-Gate (with Arves as a webdesigner)

I hope you have a good time at Penpal-Gate
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