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Pseudo : Ludovico
Prénom : Ludovico
Sexe : Homme
Age : 19

Je suis intéressé(e) par des membres agés de * à * ans.


Ville : Cosenza
Région/Etat : Calabria
Pays : Italie


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Langues parlées

  • Anglais
  • Italien

Langues apprises

  • Anglais
  • Allemand
  • Suédois
  • Danois
  • Finnois
  • Japonais
  • Norvégien


J'utilise les réseaux de communication suivants :
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  • Skype
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  • Informatique - Internet
  • Sport (Football)
  • Sport (Natation)
  • Sport (Athlétisme)
  • Sport (Arts Martiaux)
  • Sport (Football US - Rugby)
  • Musique (Rock - Métal)
  • Musique (Classique)
  • Cinéma - Films
  • Jeux vidéo
  • Lecture
  • Art - Dessins
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Hi! I live in the Southern Italy and I study mechanical engineering. I really like languages, but I speak just my mother tongue and English (I'm not fluent, but I can let people understand me -hopefully-). 
I'm interested in scandinavian languages, so I'm searching for a penpal with whom I could learn something about these tongues and cultures; but I don't really mind where you are from, since I actually am curious in general. So contact me with no worries, and if you'd like to, I could also help you learning Italian (well, something in Italian. I'm not that good as a teacher) :)
I won't write here my tastes and hobbies. I think it's better knowing a person by talking, and not from bios.
(P.S. I love to make stupid faces, even if my current profile pic is pretty normal haha Yes, I know that's an useless info, but for me that's good to be known! Because just yes) 
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