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Polala (Il y a 153 jours)
Hola! 001_smile I think it would be great idea wink2 I'll contact you
Mariapulgar (Il y a 187 jours)
Whats up, Luis! How's your english? (I know, I wrote this 260 days later, I'm the worst) When do you usually enter on this site? I enter like three times a year (?) sad It would be nice to chat with you, my friend, I'll try to enter more often... Wish you an excellent day and year!!
Polala (Il y a 431 jours)
Hey Luis! I got your message 198 days ago but I forgot about this account. I mean I remember about this web site but i totally didn't have time for it 001_smile I'm so sorry about it. Of course i can write with u in English and you can teach me Spanish (if u still want to 001_smile ) Please write me sooner than I you 001_smile
Mariapulgar (Il y a 449 jours)
Hi, Luis! 182 days ago you wrote on my profile, and I just read it, (I know "early" lol) It's so nice you`re from Venezuela too. Awesome! I asked you to be friends, it`s so nice to meet you, and, I wish you a beautiful day! (We'd learn english togheter, and speak spanish too, hahaha). Bye!
Fangirl (Il y a 452 jours)
I love all well written books. No matter science-fiction, novels, for teenagers or criminals. What about you?
Brynja (Il y a 456 jours)
HI, Nice to meet you.
I'm fine, thanks 001_smile. How are you?
I'm looking forward to talk to you!

Have a nice day.
catemere99 (Il y a 456 jours)
hi 001_smile, nice to meet you. i like horror, sience fiction and classics books, my favourite in particular is pride and pregiudice.... yours?
SuzanneLynn (Il y a 456 jours)
Hey Luis!
For sure I can help you, I can't see you right now on the chat but contact me whenever you want!

I'd like to send you some work that I'm doing now in Spanish, can I send you these texts like.. tomorrow by mail?

Take care
Fangirl (Il y a 457 jours)
My English isn't perfect. I'm here to improve this language so it can be difficult to help you.
Fangirl (Il y a 458 jours)
Hi Luis!
I'm fine and what about you?
Yes, you can help me with my Spanish and if you want I can teach you some Polish words. Just let me know.

Sarahit (Il y a 513 jours)
im very fine!! here in mexico the weather is really nice! how about venezuela?
what do you do?
Sarahit (Il y a 527 jours)
hello Luis,
sorry for my late reply but i was busy, how are you??

best regard from mexico. 001_smile
Dmontescal (Il y a 601 jours)
Jana1998 (Il y a 606 jours)
Sorry that I answer so late sad

Quiero leer novelas policíaca y fantasía 001_smile
VaL_TuZiiiTaaa (Il y a 623 jours)
ahh entiendo entiendo !! 001_smile bueno espero que tengas un excelente dia!!
Spei_certius (Il y a 623 jours)
happy and healthy, thank you=)
Have a kind evening!
VaL_TuZiiiTaaa (Il y a 624 jours)
todo super bien !! Saliendo de la uni al fin 001_smile y tu que tal ? 001_smile
VaL_TuZiiiTaaa (Il y a 624 jours)
Hola Luis!!! 001_smile
Saluditos tambien
catnip_12 (Il y a 624 jours)
Hi! 001_smile I am pretty good) how about yourself?
francab (Il y a 624 jours)
Haha hey
I would love to learn spanish 001_tongue
ElleMee (Il y a 624 jours)
PR is Public Relations and Advertising
ElleMee (Il y a 624 jours)
I study PR and you?
ElleMee (Il y a 624 jours)
I'm Elena Sedova. I live in Russia,Kazan where I'm studying in the Universiry.
Sorry, I use my email for work
ElleMee (Il y a 624 jours)
it is a perfect idea!!! Tell me something about you)
ElleMee (Il y a 624 jours)
hello. good and you?
Enry1997 (Il y a 624 jours)
Yes, it could be better xD
Enry1997 (Il y a 624 jours)
Yes, I'm attending my last year in high school. You?
Enry1997 (Il y a 624 jours)
Yes, I'd like to learn Spanish, but I also want to improve my English xD
What about you?
Enry1997 (Il y a 624 jours)
Hello 001_smile I'm fine and you?
Yes I'd like to chat with you
Jana1998 (Il y a 625 jours)
Okay good 001_smile
I am fine and you?
Suzy33 (Il y a 626 jours)
I have a Facebook 001_smile I'll send you by an email. Adiós wink2
Suzy33 (Il y a 626 jours)
Ooh, spaghetti! My favourite dish 001_smile And have a nice evening if you go out 001_smile
Suzy33 (Il y a 626 jours)
I'm watching tv and I'm talking with friends 001_smile And you?
Suzy33 (Il y a 626 jours)
Haha, to be honest I know almost nothing wink2 But I know only basic words like Buenos Dias, Como estas or Le deseo un buen dia 001_smile I've never learn Spanish, I bought only dictionary
Suzy33 (Il y a 626 jours)
Hi, Luis 001_smile I'm very glad you messaged me because I want so much to learn Spanish, even a little 001_smile Of course we can help each other but I don't think that I'm better than you in English - I'm younger. But anyway thank you alot 001_smile
Jana1998 (Il y a 627 jours)
Hey Luis,
sorry that I answer so late, i had a very stressful time 001_smile
We can do it, but i have to say, my english is not the best 001_smile
Today i wrote a spanish exam sad wasn't good

Best Wishes
agnesecapurri (Il y a 628 jours)
how are you? yes it could be a nice idea 001_smile
Dolgorchonok (Il y a 628 jours)
I'm fine too. Weekend was boring, I do my work and help some people with study etc.
Dolgorchonok (Il y a 628 jours)
Hi! How are you?
LizelKar (Il y a 628 jours)
Fine, thanks! Do you have a facebook? I think, chatting on fb is more convenient than here:)
LizelKar (Il y a 628 jours)
Hi, sure, i will be glad to practice English with you:)
Vnika_k (Il y a 629 jours)
Hi! I will try to help improve your english. Let`s correspondent on e-mail?
My e-mail is: (e-mail hidden)
Write me!
Lena-_ (Il y a 629 jours)
done 001_smile
Lena-_ (Il y a 629 jours)
No sé, pero creo que sería más fácil hablar en otro lugar, ¿no? ¿Tienes facebook? Porque si quieres te podría mandarun mensaje con mi cuento.001_smile

I don't know... but don't you think it would be easier to talk on another platform? If you want to, I could send you a private message with the link to my account. 001_smile
Lena-_ (Il y a 630 jours)
And yes, I think I can:
Hola Luis, me llamo Lena y soy de Luxemburgo. Me gusta tocar el piano y el saxofón y también me encanta bailar y leer. Y no sé que podría decirte más :b
Lena-_ (Il y a 630 jours)
Haha okay,
well, I just started my second year of spanish at school six weeks ago 001_smile
ellie925 (Il y a 630 jours)
Hola Luis, acabo de enviarte un "email".

Saludos desde Bulgaria 001_smile
lisamcg (Il y a 630 jours)
nice, have fun!!
mathieuboou (Il y a 630 jours)
In France many people have two names too 001_smile
mathieuboou (Il y a 630 jours)
The deal is perfect to me, I want to improve my spanish 001_smile
Sorry I didn't know you had a composed first name 001_smile
lisamcg (Il y a 630 jours)
I'm fine! thanks 001_smile you?
mathieuboou (Il y a 630 jours)
Hola Luis, nice to meet you 001_smile
Me llamo Mathieu y puedo ayudar a aprender ingles 001_smile
How are you ?
lisamcg (Il y a 630 jours)
Hola, Mi nombre es Lisa, ¿Cómo te llamas?

i cant even find ¿ on my keybord hahaha, is that part of it?
Lena-_ (Il y a 630 jours)
Hey luis 001_smile of course, I would love to. I can also help you with your french and german if you want to 001_smile
lisamcg (Il y a 630 jours)
hi Luis! yeah sounds nice! i'd love to learn spanish, only i don't know a single word haha. just Ola? means hallo?
ewa21 (Il y a 630 jours)
Estoy bian gracias 001_smile
yeah, I want to learn spanish in fact I've already begun to lern it, but yeah you could help a lot 001_smile If you want i can help with english, I think my english is not so bad, or if you want i can teach you polish even:D
Dolgorchonok (Il y a 630 jours)
Oo you're online, go to chat?
Danuzca (Il y a 631 jours)
Uhum, y yo te puedo enseñar es qué? español? xD lo que te puedo enseñar es a hacer unas panquecas con zanahoria (?) hahaahjakj ah cierto, alemán :3
Wintry (Il y a 631 jours)
your'e welcome!
Danuzca (Il y a 631 jours)
Heeeey! D: qué bien que estés por aquí vale :3
Wintry (Il y a 632 jours)
i am doing good to, welcome here!
would you like to learn some dutch, just tell me!
Wintry (Il y a 632 jours)
i meant luis
Wintry (Il y a 632 jours)
hi lui, how are you?


Pseudo : luisnxd
Prénom : Luis Enrique
Sexe : Homme
Age : 26

Je suis intéressé(e) par des membres agés de 16 à 40 ans.


Ville : Cabudare
Région/Etat : Lara
Pays : Venezuela


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  • Espagnol

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  • Anglais
  • Français
  • Allemand
  • Italien
  • Portugais


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  • Sport (Natation)
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