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Pseudo : Aleksander
Prénom : Pawel
Sexe : Homme
Age : 26

Je suis intéressé(e) par des membres agés de 13 à 100 ans.


Ville : Warsaw
Région/Etat : Mazowieckie
Pays : Pologne


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Langues parlées

  • Anglais
  • Polonais

Langues apprises

  • Anglais
  • Espagnol


J'utilise les réseaux de communication suivants :
  • MSN
  • Yahoo! Messenger
  • Gadu-Gadu
  • Jabber
  • MySpace
  • Skype
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  • Informatique - Internet
  • Musique (Rock - Métal)
  • Musique (Classique)
  • Cinéma - Films
  • Lecture
  • Amis - Sorties
  • BDs - Mangas
  • Voyages
  • Sport (Fitness)





I'm none of these. :D But I have a strange sense of black humor, and I can't stand a woman being insulted in my presence.

My name is Pawel [Paul], meaning small or humble. I'm 18 and I'm a high school student in Poland. I live in a small town just next to Warsaw, the capital of Poland. I like this country, despite of its grayness, eternal conflicts and stupid politics, but it isn't my homeland. I was born in Cairns, Australia, but went to Poland when I was three months old - and haven't been to the land of kangaroos ever since. I hope to be able to go back there sometime in the future...

I am here to find some English-speaking people from around the world and get to know them, making new friends who live and think different than me. I would love to learn and begin to understand new cultures and views on life from places so far away... I would be glad to talk with any of You, but I'm especially interested in people living outside Europe, which is quite well known to me :)

IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm looking for a longtime friendship here - so I don't want to meet any "one-time penpals", people turning online once a month or so, or being able to talk only about the weather and Hannah Montana. I usually don't do snail mailing, but I'd be pleased to exchange some paper letters and keepsakes with a long-known friends :) I just don't want to make it my primary form of contact.

My English is enough for me to communicate quite freely, but it definitely isn't perfect. I may help someone with the writing language, but I'd certainly use some help of a native speaker to improve my speaking ;)

Music usually serves me as a background to which I can attune my thoughts, so it varies, depending on my mood. I listen to quite a lot soundtracks, some rock and pop songs, some classic, and even some metal - especially symphonic. I don't say I don't listen to the other genres, they're just not so numerous in my music library. Sometimes, it's just one song, which strikes me and I have to keep it, and make it my favorite for some days or weeks. This happened with such ones as Alanis Morissette's Ironic, David Jordan's Sun Goes Down or Rihanna's Disturbia, which - although are not brilliant, just seem... great for me. I really support free music movements, like Jamendo - which every of You should visit. A big part of my music collection is downloaded from there :D

I love playing Role Playing Games, which are a great form of expression, letting someone's imagination free. Some say, that they are like a dreaming with the rules... Other say, that RPG is part-theater, part-storytelling and part-game. All of these descriptions are true, but the words can't show You the magic of roleplaying - You need to try it yourself. A note for fellow RPG players - I like systems focused on drama and with interesting world and atmosphere, like Warhammer, the new World of Darkness (especially beautifully mad Changeling!) and Shadowrun.

My room is full of bookshelves filled with the stories which, like Umberto Eco said, let me live more than one life. I love fantasy books, especially Terry Pratchett's - I find his sense of humor and the ability to show so much important truths in, what would seem - silly and funny world - really impressive. I really like other writers, such as Polish Sapkowski, Pilipiuk or Dukaj, and American ones - King, Gaiman and Lovecraft. From time to time I like to read something other than story, so I have quite a few books about religions, philosophy, travels, and all interesting things You can think about (except of Kamasutra - I know I disappointed you ;).

Photography is one of my hobbies, too. Sadly, I'm rather a craftsman than an artist, and I can't express my soul through the photos I take. I still have hope to learn this one day, and I document the beautiful world around me, all these big and little moments, that give life a flavor. As You can see, I have quite good DSLR - but believe me, it's not the camera, but the photographer, who can make a great shot. Nonetheless, a f/1.4 lens is a great help for portraits (nah, it's not me) ;)

I can't say I like computers, but the Internet is almost one of my senses, as most of the young people nowadays. I know a couple of tricks, but I don't want to be an IT specialist in the future. It's a job which slowly drains all the joy of life out of a person, making him unable to focus on anything except the computer. And it scares me, really. But as long, as a computer doesn't control my life, I consider it a great tool, but a tool, nothing much. I use a Linux Operation System (Arch Distribution, for those who know what it is), and I'm happy to live in a free world without viruses and hacking threats :D

I'm a Christian, and every day I try to live with Jesus in my heart, following His way, and being good to other people. I want You to know, that no matter what my beliefs are, I respect Yours, too. Everybody has a right to think what he or she wants, and we're all equal. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Taoists, atheists and agnostics - we're all people, and what's the point of starting another war to prove someone's superiority?

This means, that I'm not afraid of hard questions. I ask them about the world around us - even, and especially my beliefs. Why should one believe, if he doesn't know what he does believe IN? Abortion, euthanasia, contraception, and the meaning of life are the questions for us to find an answer for, and we can't be afraid, living like ignorant zombies in a world incomprehensible to us.

As You can see, I'm kinda philosopher, too :D But does that make me a nerd? It's for You to judge.

Anyway, I'm not scared of sport. I know one should keep fit, and I ought to lose some more kilograms, so I do it quite frequently. I really like swimming, riding a bike and running, but when the weather is not so good (which is quite often in Poland), I do weight-lifting.

So, after reading all this, would You like to be my penfriend? :)
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