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Je suis une femme de 35 ans, et je viens de Lima District, Pérou 154.

Je parle Anglais, Espagnol et un tout petit peu de Français, Italien, Néerlandais, Portugais.

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    HELLO!HOLA!SALUT!HOI!AHOJ!HALLO!CIAO!:)Everybody....My name is Ana , you can call me Anita.Im from Peru , I live in Lima the capital city.I'm a girl who likes to make friends around the world like you :) I like to learn about other cultures,countries,music,experiences,etc.I like nature,listen to music,sing along(i suck ),go to concerts , cook,go out,dance,read,take pictures,write letters,watch films,some sit-coms,etc...I speak English and Spanish and a little bit of French , I 'd like to learn more languages :o)..Im in vacations now, I enjoyed to visit different cities during my job on the cruise ship, I've been in caribe , Canada,England,France,Germany,Estonia,Russia,Norway,etc....i liked so much New York :).Well feel free to write me and start being friends no matter what! Be strong!Learn to dance in the rain :)Keep Smiling :D
    Today's gonna be a Great Day!
    Lets Save the Planet :)
     Spread Love ;)
    Live today like its  your Last Day!!!!!!!!!!!
    Besos from PERU - South America - Anita:)