• 6m
  • Quelque chose à dire.

    Whoever you are and wherever you are, I wish you a nice day! :)
    If you would like to meet new people, to talk and exchange the views, write to me. Personally I'm here to improve my language skills, get some knowledge about other cultures and make new friends.

  • J'aime toujours parler de...

    I like conversation at all! I can talk about everything, except the topics I have no idea - then I can listen at least :)

  • Villes et pays visités

    I haven't been out of Europe yet, but I'm going to change it in the future! I'll start from Australia.
    I have visited Spain, Netherlands, Lithuania, Slovakia and Czech Republic for now.

  • Ce qui m'intéresse dans les autres cultures

    Everything and every place I haven't known yet, is interesting for me (maybe almost).
    Besides, I love meeting new people, travelling and playing badminton (recently I've started regular training). I like swimming as well.

  • Mes plus grandes fiertés

    I haven't got crazy yet, I guess :)

  • Livres/auteurs/films favoris

    I love reading books, especially historical ones or if their's action happens many years ago. It's difficult to me to choose favorite one, but of the head of my list I would mention ever book of Alexander Dumas, "Name of Rose" of Umberto Eco. I've always liked reading historical books of Polish writer H. Sienkiewicz.

    About movies, I don't have one type I like the most, but I don't like S-F movies very much and horror movies bore me to death :) I think I don't have favourite one, but "Shawshank Redemption", "Life is beutiful", "Forrest Gump", "Green Mile", "The Silence of the Lambs", "Godfather" would be on my list for sure.

  • Pour un monde meilleur...

    People should think about themselves as a part of this world, not as it's centre.
    First and foremost - being nice and polite can change a lot!

  • J'ai récemment appris...

    I try to keep getting better my English- and German language skills, but it's not always time for this enough.

  • Une carrière sans obstacle

    In the future I would like to be my own boss for myself.