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  • Quelque chose à dire.

    Hello! My friends call me Neli, I'm pretty restless so I'm always doing something. I love art and literature, although I'm not good with words. On the other hand, drawing is my world, that's why among all my jobs, my favorite is to be a drawing teacher. The majority of my students are children and I love it! I've always been curious about everything, so I'm interested in thousands of things, learning new languages, knowing other cultures, etc. I am currently learning LSV and ALS on my own. I would like to make new friends, I do not mind helping you with learn Spanish, or just talk about anything. Just say hello, I promise to answer.

  • Villes et pays visités

    Colombia, Venezuela, Spain, Portugal ... and I hope to continue adding.

  • Je suis un(e) expert(e) à...

    I am an expert in maintaining a hate-love relationship with mathematics.
    I am an expert in making everything i cook taste incredibly well despite its bad appearance.
    I am an expert in daydreaming and passing the bus stop.
    I am an expert in choosing the most sentimental movie from the movie theater and torturing myself by watching it.
    I am an expert not following my own advice.
    I'm an expert listening although this is a bit ironic, I guess.

  • Plaisirs d'enfance

    - Camping with my brother and his friends was like visiting other worlds. They always took care of making an adventure of every little experience.
    - Running in the rain with my brother while competing to see who got wet faster.
    - To spend the night awake under the sheets of my bed pretending to sleep when in fact I was reading the last book that fell into my hands.
    - Get out with mine and keep my brother's ice cream and my mother after putting my puppy eyes (now i don´t leave as before)
    - Climb to the top of the swings for children and end up scaring me so much because I was really tall that my mother had to come down.
    - Go to the beach with my brother and think of ourselves as pirates while we fought with imaginary underwater creatures.
    - The first time I took a pencil and colors in my hands I discovered that I could dream on paper beyond the lines.

  • Mes plus grandes fiertés

    I'm autodidactic. I learned to draw from the first second that my heart fell in love with art. I learned to love every word written on the pages of books as the dreams of others that come to me to make me dream too. I learned to read lips even when I did not know that the sounds I heard were not even half of what I should. I learned that sounds that do not reach my ears do not go unnoticed, there are no silences, there are sensations, pulsations, waves that cross me, that make me feel. I learned that life is much more than four walls and when I saw a small part of the world I fell in love with it and now I want to learn everything.

    But the greatest achievement in my life is my family.

  • J'aime toujours parler de...

    Since I have use of reason I am in love with art, literature and music, so talking about it is always for me as poetry, or singing angels. Certainly it may sound exaggerated but when you love something happens to be part of you, your soul, so what better way to meet someone than see your soul ?.

  • Un défi personnel

    The hardest thing that I have done, I suppose it has been to love myself as I am, to accept that life does not always give us what we want but everything is learned. Fall is something normal just have to keep walking and see what awaits us later.

    Speaking seriously, I think that the hardest thing I've done was to try to ride a bicycle, after many many many ... many falls, I still do not learn.

  • Quelque chose d'inhabituel sur moi

    Something not very common ... I can bend the first phalanx of all my fingers while I keep them straight. Ok, that sounded pretty creepy. Think of another unique thing, the pupils of my eyes are almost permanently dilated all the time.

  • Pour améliorer le système scolaire...

    At school I always wanted them not to force us to repeat as robots and let us create our own stories, which will not limit us to draw between the lines, let us paint universes on the walls of the school, I always wanted them not to force us to To wear a uniform, it would have been amazing to be able to go with my dinosaur costume. I would have liked to have been taught to love mathematics. I would have liked that the normal thing was that they let us play as we wanted, with what we wanted, and with whom we wanted.
    I would have liked the teachers and others not to sit idly by the blows and insults. I would have liked them to let us be a little more children at heart and free.