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Je suis une femme de 20 ans, et je viens de Russie 160.

Je parle Russe, un peu de Anglais et un tout petit peu de Japonais.

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    Hello everyone! I'm Nastya. I'm from Russia. I learn English at my school and I really want to make English-speaking friends from abroad. I think, writing letters in a foreign language is very interesting. I want learn more about your country,your culture, your hobbies, your thinks and your opinion.I would hope that you will write me. I will wait.                                                   Yours sincerely, NastyaPS And also. It was about English. Now about Japanese. Recently I have started learning Japanese. I have already learned Hiragana and katakana. Now I learn kanji and try write simple phrases and sentences. For the time being i can't write in Japanese but I will glad to communicate with Japanese in English or in Russian. If you are Japanese or English and you learn Russian language I can help you to learn this beautiful language :)    I'm sorry if I do some mistakes in the text :(