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Je suis un homme de 20 ans, et je viens de Cosenza, Italie 90.

Je parle Italien, un peu de Anglais et un tout petit peu de Suédois, Danois, Finnois, Japonais, Norvégien, Allemand.

J'ai visité 19 lieux dans 4 pays.

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    Hi! I live in the southern Italy and I study mechanical engineering. I really like languages, but I speak just my mother tongue and english (I'm not very fluent, but I can let people understand me ahahah). I'm interested in scandinavian languages, so I'm searching for a penpal with whom I could learn something about these tongues, while improving my english skills. :)
    P.S. I love to make stupid faces, even if my current profile pic is pretty normal haha Yes, I know that's an useless info, but for me that's good to be known! Because just yes.