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Je suis une femme de 22 ans, et je viens de Shanghai, Chine 42.

Je parle Chinois (Mandarin) et un tout petit peu de Anglais.

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    Hello~I'm here again~It has been a long time since i came here last time.Many things hanppened like i went to the university and major in Land Architecture.Unfortunately,my English didn't improve at all due to some reasons.But now i've realized the importance of learning language and try to give another shot.Working hard to use the language to communicate because that is the essence of language lies i suppose.Really need to hear different perspectives no matter the topics.Write to me if you want,i'm looking forward to it.XX SHORT SELF-INTRODUCTIONBig dreamer.Extremely love movies and dramas.Wes Anderson is my favorite moive director.Also interested in music.Love Daft Punk,Arctic Monkeys,Phoenix,The XX and so on.BTW I'm learning French,Japanese and Esperanto.