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Je suis un homme de 38 ans, et je viens de Bratislava, Slovaquie 184.

Je parle Slovaque, un peu de Anglais et un tout petit peu de Français.

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    Hi stranger. I want just a few seconds of your time. I want to find some penpals and friends from other countries. But it is not all. I want travel, I want laugh, I want love, simply I want to live my life with more intensity. I think people learn throughout life and it is very important to know another people, another culture, another language (it´s a pity that my is not so popular :), another way of life. Man must to grow up, learn because this is a single way to connect all nations and rases. Isn´t it great to have friends everywhere? And you know friendship is a valued advacement. so don´t worry be happy and open your heart.
    I almost forgot...... world peace