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Je suis une femme de 24 ans, et je viens de Canada 39.

Je parle Français, Anglais, un peu de Japonais et un tout petit peu de Coréen, Thaï, Vietnamien, Chinois (Mandarin), Espagnol.

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    Konnichi wa, Ohayo, Koban wa, whatever it is to you: greetings.  I am a Canadian who, in my mind was suppose to be born Japanese.  I am a little more then overly obsessed with the language and culture.  I am currently learning the language and culture via textbooks, internet and other random resources.  I would love to meet more Japanese people to help me learn.  And in exchange I can help you with English, since I hope to be an English Teacher some day. ^-^
    ~Jaichi Takura