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  • Villes et pays visités

    I've never been to other country. But soon you'll see me throughout the world

  • Ce qui m'intéresse dans les autres cultures

    I would like to know what is the daily life of people in other countries, what do people think of, to know their culture.

  • Je suis un(e) expert(e) à...

    I specialise in production of concrete, building houses, putting pedal to the metal.

  • J'ai récemment appris...

    If you don't pay taxes and other fines on time - you're f@cked

  • Actuellement, je suis emballé par...

    I like playing basketball. I've played for the unversity team throughout the cousre of study. 4 straight years my team has been to the state championship finals, but we couldn't get the first place. Being 175cm(5'9) I've really wanted to dunk the ball. Sometimes I was close but never converted one.
    I like to keep my body is shape. So I visit the gym 5 times a week. If you are into any type of fitness, we can talk about that more.
    The most impressing book I've read is "Sapiens. Homo deus" by Yuval Noah Harari. That book impress me like no other. For like a year I've been into books about phylosophy and psychology.

  • J'aime toujours parler de...

    I like to talk about future, books, business ideas, fitness, sports, cars, house-building.

  • Étant enfant, j'aurai aimé...

    I would have read more books, communicated more with people and less played dumb pc games and watched less cartoons. If I had an opportunity to go back in time I would have slapped myself really hard

  • Plaisirs d'enfance

    Riding a bike with friends across the village of my grandparents. Exploring new places. I would still like to do so

  • Dans 10 ans

    Can't even predict what will happen within two months. What's that question about?

  • Mon sentiment sur le futur

    Mankind might be gone. People are algorythms. Intelligence wouldn't be connected with consciousness anymore.

  • Mes regrets

    Playing and watching dumb pc games and cartoons in childhood instead of communicating with people and exploring the world

  • Un défi personnel

    Paying for smashed rear bumper on 2018 Mercedes GLS that I've ran into because breaks on my car suddenly disappeared in one moment. Had to work 3 month just for this. Damn..