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Je suis une femme de 23 ans, et je viens de Ghent, Belgique 23.

Je parle Néerlandais, Français, Anglais et un tout petit peu de Russe, Allemand, Italien, Hongrois, Irlandais (Gaélique), Norvégien, Arabe, Espagnol.

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    Hello all! :) I'm Issa and I live in Belgium. I would love to have some penpals all over the world. I'm looking for a traditional penpal. It would be so much fun to have someone to send handwritten letters to. I'm interested in different cultures and languages, so I'd love to talk to people from all over the world and learn something about their way of life. So, some things about myself:I'm 19 - almost 20 - and I live in Ghent, Belgium. At this moment I'm a student, I'm in my first year at the Conservatory of Ghent. I study classical music, and I play the accordeon. I'm interested in all types of art, music, painting, theatre, .. So if you're interested in having a penpal from Belgium, please contact me! Byeee