Harish Passionné

Je suis un homme de 30 ans, et je viens de Bengaluru, Inde 83.

Je parle Télougou, Anglais et un tout petit peu de Kannara, Hindî.

J'ai visité 3 lieux dans 3 pays.

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    Hello all. I am Harish. I am born and brought up in India. I am a born vegetrian (I eat eggs, but no meat/flesh).I finished most of my education in India itself and my masters degree in Computer Games Technology in Scotland, UK. I am currently working as a software programmer.I am always open to speak/chat any conversation and am very much passionate towards learning different culture, traditions, food, technology, sports, languages (at least few words) etc.. etc. I believe every person is different and experience things in a different perspective. Every one is unique. I am very much open minded. So, no need to feel shy to talk to me. I am interested in both Snail mail (Writing Letters) and email friends. But I appreciate snail mail. Age and gender doesn't matter to me.My hobbies are playing cricket, Badminton, volleyball and Chess. I am a Philatelist and Numismatist. I love travelling (been to very few places, but started my passion about it). I do cook sometimes (Only vegetarian) and have my love about cooking. But fortunately my wife doesn't let me cook. But I often try something new dishes which I learn from you tube or other source.