Hey world! My name is Sanne and I'm 20 years old. I live in Belgium and I'm studying to become a social worker. It doens't matter from which part of the world you are: I'd love to meet you!

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Je suis une femme de 20 ans, et je viens de Ninove, Belgique 23.

Je parle Anglais, Néerlandais et un peu de Français

J'ai visité 10 lieux dans 9 pays.

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    I'm always late on the TV shows trends. At the moment I'm watching Stranger Things, Riverdale and Sons of Anarchy. I enjoyed watching One Tree Hill, Skins, 13 Reasons Why, and ofcourse the worlds all time favorite Game of Thrones. I quit watching the Walking Dead because I found it so dreadful. I'm still trying to catch up with Gossip Girl even though I already know who she is.

    My genre of books in general are thrillers, futuristic stuff and books revolving the supernatural. My absolute favorite book of all time is Redeeming Love from Francine Rivers. I'd be very surprised if you've ever heard from it!

    I am afraid in the dark so horror movies are not my thing...
    So ofcourse I've watched all the Paranormal Activity movies, insidious, Sinister, The Conjuring, Annabelle,... But Saw is where I draw the line.

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    I've always had a fascination with discovering new places. I mostly went to Germany and the Netherlands with my family as a kid. Since I've been 14, I travelled to other countries without my parents. I've been to Italy three times. I also went to Hungary, Spain, Austria, Turkey and Portugal. I hope that one day I'll get the chance to experience way more of the world. Visiting America and Australia is a dream that I hope one day will come true.