Coutumes et styles de vie

Why there aren't nearly not Egyptian, Macedonian, Greek & Japanese ?
introduce your motherland
The best way to support your baby and your lifestyle.
Gay friendly friends :P
Requirements! Does it matters when it comes to friendship?? :''(
Why PenPal Gate is full of: French, Italians and Polish?
Which one is better?
Ceremonies and customs for the deceased
do you like animols and you have one???
Favourite animal
technlology and free time
what are you going to do in your summer vacation?
What is your program for this school year ?
1er avril
What do you do when you're bored?
What do you think of wearing WIGS(I'm not bald)?
Do you believe in 21st December 2012?
Any Guitar players here?
Is anybody going to Spain in 2011 to World Youth Day? :)