Coutumes et styles de vie

how looks your future house?
people who live in the middle of the netherlands and like to be creative?
How do different countries view vegetarianism?
voor mensen die nederlands kunnen
a quizzz for you
teenage (12-22) friends and people to chat
Are you a morning person or not?
Rude people on the site
what means a simple question like, how are you? for you?
Your Country
What would you eat right now?
Which place/country did you visit on your last holiday?
Why do you love you're home ? :D
Postcard Exchanging
What book did you read last time?
Hello) do you have children? How old is the child and what is his name?)
What is your favorite place in your city?
tell me how your day is going?)
The best thing about your culture and heritage
Let's talk about.... golf. Does it's a sport that people practice around you. In your country ?
I'm not superstitious but
What can I do this summer?
who come from japan and can tell about the culture there?
What are your wishes?
New live? UK
what makes you depressed? :P
Snail Mail Penpals gesucht!