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Je suis un homme de 21 ans, et je viens de France 61.

Je parle Anglais, Espagnol, Français et un tout petit peu de Polonais, Italien.

J'ai visité 48 lieux dans 13 pays.

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  • Quelque chose à dire.

    Hi everyone!
    My name is Florent and I am an 20 years old frenchie #frogpower.
    I don't bite so don't be afraid to message me whenever you want. I am a passionate Poland lover.
    I don't tell much on here so we can easily hold a conversation!
    PS: everyone is welcome.

  • Villes et pays visités

    I have travelled to 9 countries so far, but my one and only favorite will always be Poland. (Tho, I like every single country that I've been to!!!)
    But the thing that saddened me the most was when I went to Auschwitz camps in Poland... I'm still broken-hearted.