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Je suis une femme de 27 ans, et je viens de Sidi M'Hamed, Algérie 4.

Je parle Français, Arabe, Anglais et un tout petit peu de Japonais, Espagnol, Chinois (Mandarin), Coréen.

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    hi!! everyone!! ouh my first comment was so boring!!!!
    excuse me!! everyone who read it!!!
    now there is a brand new one!!!!
    ok!!! presentation: i'm a college student, i like to tell jokes and draw portraits, i'm having chinese lessons, but for the other languages there's no one to help, so please help!! i'm a big fan of Korean music( Pop,HipHop......) and my favorite bands are: superjunior(Siwon!!!T_T) and Big Bang(TOP is the best)!!!!!