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Je suis une femme de 18 ans, et je viens de France 61.

Je parle Français, un peu de Anglais, Japonais et un tout petit peu de Italien, Néerlandais.

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    Etait noire la nuit, etait rouge le feu...Oh sorry! Hello, here's Jeanne.Let me tell you some part of my story.My name is Jeanne (old name I know). I am just turning 18 (an adult? I don't think so).People usually describe me as friendly, kind but excentrique too :p.I like to talk about philosophical issues, about life and strangely about death.I'm open to sciences even though I am not the best in this domain. And more generally to everything, I like to debate.I would like to find someone to learn English. I would be glad you to teach me Italian, Dutch or Japanese too :D.Wanna talk? Let a com or a mail, I will welcome you to my realm.Then, see you!