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Je suis une femme de 21 ans, et je viens de Kammlach, Allemagne 5.

Je parle Anglais et un tout petit peu de Espagnol, Français, Italien.

J'ai visité 9 lieux dans 6 pays.

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  • Villes et pays visités

    I´m from a little village in Bavaria. Nothing interesting happens there, so I really like to travel.
    I love to travel to Italy. I just love that country.
    And I started to love Great Britain ever since I traveled there with School.
    I went to Antwerp, Brussels and Gent too ... I never expected it, but I loved it there.
    And I was in Sweden, when I was five or six, because my parents and I visited my aunt, who lived there at that time.
    And of course I visited German cities too, Hamburg and Berlin. Munich too ... because it´s not that far away from my hometown.

  • Ce qui m'intéresse dans les autres cultures

    I study History of Arts and Culture. (But more history of arts.)
    But I really enjoy other cultures, and my dream is to travel the world and get to know as many other cultures as possible.