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Je suis un homme de 26 ans, et je viens de Warsaw, Pologne 150.

Je parle Polonais, un peu de Anglais et un tout petit peu de Espagnol.

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    Handsome...Mysterious...Romantic...I'm none of these. :D But I have a strange sense of black humor, and I can't stand a woman being insulted in my presence.My name is Pawel [Paul], meaning small or humble. I'm 18 and I'm a high school student in Poland. I live in a small town just next to Warsaw, the capital of Poland. I like this country, despite of its grayness, eternal conflicts and stupid politics, but it isn't my homeland. I was born in Cairns, Australia, but went to Poland when I was three months old - and haven't been to the land of kangaroos ever since. I hope to be able to go back there sometime in the future... I am here to find some English-speaking people from around the world and get to know them, making new friends who live and think different than me. I would love to learn and begin to understand new cultures and views on life from places so far away... I would be glad to talk with any of You, but I'm especially interested in people living outside Europe, which is quite well known to me :)IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm looking for a longtime friendship here - so I don't want to meet any "one-time penpals", people turning online once a month or so, or being able to talk only about the weather and Hannah Montana. I usually don't do snail mailing, but I'd be pleased to exchange some paper letters and keepsakes with a long-known friends :) I just don't want to make it my primary form of contact.My English is enough for me to communicate quite freely, but it definitely isn't perfect. I may help someone with the writing language, but I'd certainly use some help of a native speaker to improve my speaking ;)Music usually serves me as a background to which I can attune my thoughts, so it varies, depending on my mood. I listen to quite a lot soundtracks, some rock and pop songs, some classic, and even some metal - especially symphonic. I don't say I don't listen to the other genres, they're just not so numerous in my music library. Sometimes, it's just one song, which ...