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Je suis un homme de 25 ans, et je viens de Townsville., Under Your Bed., Danemark 53.

Je parle Anglais, Suédois, Danois, Norvégien et un tout petit peu de Italien, Portugais, Espagnol, Français, Allemand.

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    Hey there, So I guess this ought to be my super awesome and intriguing note!My name is Emil, 1.97cm tall - 97kg heavy.During June, I graduated highschool, worked for Abercrombie&Fitch, which I actually still am during weekends, and then I joined the Royal Life Guard for 8 months, once I've finished I'm going to study law during February :-) In my spare time I used work with an event company and as.. I can't remember the name, however I'm also an employee at an elderly care home.. ( You know, the death prison you're sent to once you're about to reach your expiration date) + I work at Abercrombie & Fitch - Other than that I enjoy going to concerts, being with the guys, dating chicks, working out, photographing whatever I might find interesting, swimming, Weng Chun, partying, reading books and I've always had a certain interest towards clothing, design and fashion. Regarding sports and hobbies, I've been around, I've played Tennis, floorball, American Football, rifle&gun shooting, Basketball and rowing. I've also taken alot boxing classes and jiujitsu classes, however most of these sports didn't add up with my studies and social life.I was heavily obese 1 year ago, However I've started to kill my own bodyfat, so to say :) . So I'm still making progress. I'm mainly here in order to learn foreign languages and in order to improve my English :)- Yes, I do realize that my picture looks like something horrible from an YMCA video, But I figured it'd increase my personal visits, since I'm new in here :D .- Feel free to message me, I find it funny to talk to people from different countries.I don't care about age nor gender :)I hope that: I'll be a journalist/photographer in 5 years, otherwise I dream of being a policeofficer for 4 years and then apply to the personal security academy.My greatest fear: Being poor and live an unsatisfactory life basically.I guess this should sum up the most of it.- However I do not tolerate premature 14'year olds sending me kinky ...